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So that’s pretty much that then

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, has finished his report into whether Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia.

A US justice department official said Mr Mueller, in his report, had not recommended any further criminal charges.

Not that we ever thought it was anything but politics of course.

23 thoughts on “So that’s pretty much that then”

  1. If the witch finder general, who hates you, determines you’re not a witch, then you probably ain’t a witch.

  2. Anyone inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to the establishment “climate change” “consensus” only needs to look at how the same people, without any evidence or a hint of embarrassment, conned millions into believing that Vladimir Putin secretly controls the US presidential elections, the Italian government, and Brexit.

  3. Ahh, socialists, always inclined to spend your money by the bucketload to further the cause of, well, anything that takes their fancy, really, even if it’s imaginary.

  4. ” Not that we ever thought is was anything but politics of course.”

    Just the biggest conspiracy theory of the early 21st century, and one pushed by politicians, pundits and the mainstream media in the US and Europe. Never forget who they are.

    In any case, nothing will prevent Democrats calling President Trump illegitimate and a traitor and demanding that those who support him be punished

  5. “…conned millions into believing that Vladimir Putin secretly controls the US presidential elections, the Italian government, and Brexit.”

    Huh. You would say that, puppet bot.

  6. ” Robert Mueller’s strategy of silence and ‘flipping’”

    The epitome of ‘the process is the punishment’. Once they turn their spotlight on you, you’re screwed. And your family and anyone you ever met, potentially.

    The only thing you can do is stay silent, and hope some other victim doesn’t dob you in for any imagined offence.

  7. Snot over.

    Adam Schiff has already started (another!) Congressional investigation.

    ‘had not recommended any further criminal charges’

    Meaningless til we see the actual report.

    Collusion is not a criminal offense.

    Nor can you indict a sitting president.

    Uhh . . . but that would mean the whole investigation was pointless!

    Well, duh.

  8. That sound you hear is the Democrats furiously shifting the goalposts. Expect there now to be much noise about Trump’s financial and business affairs.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, more collusion evidence is piling up about keeping Hillary out of jail before the 2016 election.

  9. The convention is that when some mob tries to stage a coup and fails they are shot.

    For entirely understandable reasons the US has rather feeble laws and traditions about punishing traitors, or even trying them.

  10. Not exactly, dearieme. It is sedition that is not punished.

    Treason is very tightly defined, and rare.

  11. BlokeInTejasInNormandy


    But treason is the very basis and foundation of the United States!

    That plus soundbites (“no taxation without representation” – yeah, right)

  12. Come on, chaps, you know the ditty: treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? If it does, none dare call it treason.

  13. Dont forget, GCHQ’s sticky fingerprints are all over this, especially those of Robert Hannigan’s.

    This isnt over, by any means.

  14. Dennis the Peasant

    The last 18 hours have been enjoyable.

    Several predictions:
    1) A certain number of Democratic politicians will state that the Mueller Report was either incomplete or fatally flawed and pronounce the further investigation by Congress will be necessary.
    2) A certain number of journalists and talking heads will begin the process of attacking Mueller’s ethics and competence with an eye toward discrediting his reports.
    3) A certain number of journalists and talking heads will pronounce that Donald Trump successfully sabotaged the report and/or somehow “got to” Mueller.

    For all the media hysteria over the past few days, Normal America has been pretty sedate. Trump supporters have always known it to be a crock and Trump haters have never needed facts to justify their hate.

    A nothingburger.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    Ah, you think tgey’ll give up this quickly and without a fight?

    Watch out for …. but they haven’t proved he didn’t collaborate, only that there’s no evidence he did collaborate. And what’s more, we all know that he would have collaborated if he’d had the chance so therefore he’s definitely a witch and should be burnt. And Mueller can join him for failing in the one job he had.

  16. And two guys have been persecuted (sorry, prosecuted) and sentenced as part of an investigation that found no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians.
    There is a logical fail somewhere – or is entrapment entirely legal when the Special Counsel is involved?
    For avoidance of doubt – I should not touch Donald Trump with a bargepole or trust him with a rusty cent of a client’s money, but two guys going to jail just because they worked for him looks like political persecution.

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