The noise police

So, on this noise issue in the domestic arrangements.

It’s the City police who manage this. They’ve a monitoring system in each and every bar. And there are four policemen for the City. None of whom work at night….

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  1. There is a factory near my brother’s house that emits gastly, black, acrid smoke. He and his neighbors complained to the EPA.

    Twice, the EPA reported to them that they had checked the factory and there was no problem.

    My brother’s further investigation determined that the factory only runs at night; EPA workers only work during the day.

  2. Why this worth comment I can’t imagine. If the public sector ran restaurants they’d close for lunch. What do you expect?

  3. @Gamecok?
    Surely they can use a video camera?

    Similarly is it not beyond the whit of TW to invest in recording equipment and/or sound level measuring device and then send the results to the police?

  4. That sounds a very Latin way of organising things, so when you fire up your 7Hz very large exponential horn in the evening to turn the miscreants’ innards to jelly, the fuzz will be nowhere to be seen.

  5. If it is a bar causing the noise then surely the bagpipe plan, or whatever, won’t work? The bar won’t care about noise when it’s open and there’ll be no-one there when it’s closed.

  6. That’s why you need raw power.

    When I was stationed in Italy, my unit got a new XO. He moved into a flat in a building with a bar on the ground floor. Decided it was too noisy. So he mandated that we post Shore Patrol outside the bar to control the noise made by the American military there (we can’t do anything with anyone else) and kick them out after 10PM.

  7. Er… you’ve moved into a flat above a bar & now you’re complaining about the noise from the bar? Doesn’t sound like the Tim I know. Unless you’ve changed your name to Polly Toynbee.

  8. Mr in Spain, I think Tom was trying to avoid having you move in next to him when he was trying to sell his last gaff. So he ended up making a poor choice, rashly and out of desperation. Which breeds anger and resentment, etc.

    More at 11

    (quite why living next to a bunch of porn gals might be considered undesirable is a question I leave to wiser heads).

  9. I’m sure BiS will confirm that if you want to identify the best bar or restaurant in a Spanish town you’re a stranger to, listen for the one with the most noise coming from it. Even in a restaurant with no ambient music, the default Spanish conversation level is LOUD (their preference for tiling every available surface further enhances this effect).

  10. Starf, I relate the story as told by my brother. I tend to believe him. Challenges change nothing.

  11. If they park their cars on the street, let the air out of a tire.

    If they persist, let the air out of two tire.

    If they persist, chop the valve stem off a tire.

    At some point, they get the idea that their neighbors don’t like them.

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