They’ve only just spotted this?

More than 1m childless people over 65 are ‘dangerously unsupported’
Older people without children at greater risk of isolation, poor health and inability to access formal care – report

One of those older reasons for having children being to have a support network in old age, no? In fact, a pension?

16 thoughts on “They’ve only just spotted this?”

  1. It’s 50/50 really. No kids means no-one to bundle you off to the old folks home and nick your house.

  2. Well, duh.

    Particularly women. Honest question – what are we going to do with the hordes of childless, tattooed, feminist cat-ladies when they reach their senescence?

    And is this why “euthanasia” (such a nice word for “murder”) is all the rage in Western Europe?

    We can’t afford the welfare state *now*, never mind when it reaches an inverted demographic pyramid of 95% takers living off the productive 5%.

    Women don’t earn or save enough to support themselves in their old age, they live longer, are in need of expensive medical care longer, and if you think Mohammed is going to pay your pensions, ladies, I’m sorry to say the Fry’s Turkish Delight adverts lied to you.

    So… has anyone seen the TV adaption of Margaret Atwood’s feminist horror story “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

    Maybe the reason it resonates with a certain section of lady viewers is not the reason you might think?

  3. Also also…

    This isn’t just a Western thing. Japan’s awful demographics are well known. Less well known is that even mighty China is facing an ageing crisis. Birth rates have not bounced back after the end of the one child policy, and top Mandarins are tearing their chopsticks out trying to figure out a solution.

    But what if the problem is this: urbanisation is death. People in the countryside multiply freely, but herd them into modern cities (and universities) and they soon start acting like Calhoun’s rats.

    So what do we do about that? Fiction – the place where dreams are currency – offers some solutions, but none of them are particularly inspiring.

    Let the Hunger Games begin!

  4. Since most of them will be left-over WOMI trash and likely many of them remainiacs–who cares?

    Use them as target practice at gun ranges.

  5. Some people with children are in a similar state, for example if the little blighters have emigrated, possibly to avoid their parents!

    I imagine that one could scare them away by, for example, self-declaring as LGBTXACSWYJ… or whatever is in fashion this month.

    Apparently, the alternative to a trip to Switzerland include end to end ocean cruises, retiring to HMP Pentonville, or giving up and bed-blocking for a while in the NHS (correction, NDS).

  6. urbanisation is death

    Interesting theory. Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong have very high urbanisation and low fertility rates.

    The Wikipedia entry for countries by fertility rate suggests a strong link between fertility and being an absolute shithole.

    In fact, the list of countries whose fertility rate is above the 2.1 required for population maintainence is pretty depressing. Only a handful of places you’d want to live.

  7. “Certain groups will be highlighted as being particularly at risk, carers for example, people from the LGBT communities*, people with disabilities”


    * My emphasis

  8. Tomorrow in the Guardian:

    “Don’t have children*, its bad for the environment”

    * applies to white Britons only. Terms and conditions apply.

  9. Mr Ecks said:
    “Use them as target practice at gun ranges.”

    No thanks, I walk the dog round there; I don’t want piles of decomposing mad cat feminists littering the place.

  10. The Flemish solved this problem in the past (in their case caused by too many of the men having been killed in wars) by building beguinages – like nunneries but a bit more independent and they could leave if they found someone to marry them. Basically lots of little apartments for single women, semi-communal living, a big wall round the whole place and a curfew to stop them causing trouble after dark. Some of them are quite attractive (the buildings, not aged feminists).

  11. Opportunity cost. Children are cheap and useful in poor countries, expensive and useless in rich countries. People there have many other things to do with the time and money.

  12. “Children are cheap and useful in poor countries, expensive and useless in rich countries. People there have many other things to do with the time and money.”

    “Interesting theory. Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong have very high urbanisation and low fertility rates.”


    Probably not urbanisation, but wealth and time horizons. I wonder if how pension systems are organised has an effect. Presumably we’d see higher fertility rates pre-1909/11, then a slowdown to ’46 and then another drop. Two world wars might present a bit of a problem, so probably have to look at Argentina, Brazil and Chile as well.

  13. The Grauniad makes the 5% of elderly people without children sound like the main problem when there are far more among the other 95% whose children don’t lift a finger.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset


    And of those 95% how many expect the State to provide social care for free so they can inherit the house? Judging by the reaction at the last GE I suspect a significant amount.

  15. @ BiND
    Too bloody many for my liking, including some driving up in Mercedes demanding, literally demanding, that Social Services pay zillions for their mother to live in a luxurious private residential/nursing home rather than a few quid to provide a home help for an elderly widow crippled with arthritis.
    I don’t mind (actually I approve of) subsidising the deserving poor out of my council tax but I object to subsidising the undeserving rich.
    You have noted that the bloodsucking Tories did not want to write a blank cheque for the rich while the Labour Party claiming (from the gutter) the moral high ground did want to do so.

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