This is fun

So, The Guardian runs a series for a week telling us all that concrete is the Very Devil. And now they run a page of responses. One of which is simply a tweet from someone picking up my own piece telling The Guardian they’re all wet.

11 thoughts on “This is fun”

  1. Wait until they’ve managed to get concrete banned & they start on bricks. They won’t be happy until all construction is wattle & daub.

  2. Incidentally, this made me laugh:
    “less than 1% of concrete in Brazil is reused, for example.”
    That’s a bug, not a feature. If they had crushed concrete available for aggregate, they’d be using it. There’s simply not enough demolition going on in Brazil to produce much. Because they’re still building the fucking place.

  3. There’ll be no daub* allowed in the Giradanu Vegan Utopia, BiS.

    * contains cowshit, and often horsehair

  4. Is this the same Guardian which regularly tells us that not enough houses are being built in the UK?

    What are they advocating – houses made of wood?

  5. Clean water saves lives. But clean piped water means using plastic. Nooo!!!! Evulll!!!! We must ban the global roll-out of clean piped water as plastic kills!!!!

    And copper is even worse!!!!

  6. @jgh
    No need to worry about using that evil plastic for drinking water supplies: do what the Romans did: use lead.
    Completely natural substance, no man-made additives. Very Guardian.

    And as an extra bonus for the Guardian: it generates a new generation of their readers. 🙂

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