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The centre maintains that there is an essential experience that comes from being born in the body of a woman that shapes some of its core services, but said it would see to the safety of anyone who calls its crisis line.

What a lovely mixture we’ve got. The general lefty insistence is that environment is all in shaping a personality. Except with trans, gender and sexual taste apparently. When it’s all born and baked in.


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  1. Science is a buffet from which you can pick the things you like. To stretch the analogy further, you also savagely attack anyone who tries to pick something from the buffet you disapprove of, putting them in hospital and getting them sacked from their job. What the approved and non-approved parts of the buffet are can change at any time according to your whim and whatever suits the tactical necessities of the moment.

    That pretty much sums it up.

  2. Climate Change:

    The Right – ‘ We have doubts.’

    The Left – ‘ Listen to the scientists you morons!’


    The Right – ‘Listen to the scientists.’

    The left – ‘ You’re all Nazis !’

  3. Disparate Lefty groups banging into each other.

    Should happen more often.

    Maybe it does, and the Lefty press just doesn’t report it. “Everything is wonderful in CM land.”

  4. I thought homunculi were soooo 17th Century.

    When you have another person inside you, isn’t that called dissociative identity disorder?

    And what if you are a woman born in a man’s body with a man born in you?

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