This is really rather fun

We got a letter today. Which we answered.

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  1. Tim, “The Conversation” *does* have editors – unfortunately they frequently detract from the quality of the articles submitted due to their indifferent standard of knowledge in the author’s academic discipline.

  2. Some sort of ZaNu shite is he? What’s he doing in vermine then the supposed socialistic sack of piety and stale piss.

    Can’t you tempt him over Tim where those of us with lesser sensibilities can get at him?

    Lord Cockrot of Hypocrite Towers–yes let’s get his name tag ready for the tirade.

  3. This is really not fun

    BBC Question Time 28/03/2019 Sheffield

    @ ~6m30s
    Damian Hinds MP, secretary of state for education, effectively said “We can’t leave EU until EU permits us to leave”

    That’s my take, agree?

    @ ~13m30s
    Yanis Varoufakis compares May’s Brexit deal to a defeated nation’s War Surrender Treaty

    He’s correct

  4. OT, because it’s late and I have insomnia again:

    Anybody know what Nigel’s doing with his Brexit Party?

    Hopefully lots of good stuff IRL, because its online presence is pathetic: no Twatter updates at all today (of all days! Weren’t they having a march or something?), embarrassingly SHOUTY, poorly spelled and grammatically atrocious Facebook page, and still nothing on their website. I signed up my email address and details weeks ago – nobody’s ever acknowledged or replied, not even an automated reply.

    Starting a new political party sounds like hard work, but c’mon – the interweb thing is the easy and cheap bit. If you can’t get that right…

    And an udder thing: most non-retarded people have outrage fatigue. Instead of clickbait about BETRAYAL MOST FOUL (or STOCK UP ON TENA LADY, for the Remain side) it would be nice to see some reasonable, properly thought out journalism on the most important issue in British politics.

    The Guardian has completely shat the bed over Brexit, acting as an unpaid (?) press agent for Michel Barnier, but the pro-Leave press isn’t much better.

    John Redwood has been doing his best to keep people informed via his blog – can we clone him or something?

  5. That reply from Henniker has it all: full-on Brexit Derangement syndrome, Remainer Stockholm Syndrome, a veritable word-salad (as Scott Adams says, is a ‘tell’ of cognitive dissonance), whack-a-mole points being made (another Scott Adams thing: you knock 1 argument down and you’ll have 10 thrown back at you in quick succession), the sneering, pompous tone, Godwins Law, gross hyperbole, lack of self awareness.

    Twat, in other words.

  6. Can’t help but notice he’s the 9th baron. Which puts the original ennoblement back around the time of Mad King George. Might be telling us something

  7. He exposes the remain argument for what it is. The EU is the modern day source of wealth and power through its corrupt practices. All those land owners with wind turbines and very little farming, for example. Ex politicians who have claimed the greasy pole, for example. It would be interesting to see an analysis from someone with the necessary historical knowledge

  8. Proof that being a solicitor does not mean you are intelligent, just that you can remember lots of case law.

  9. One aspect of the Corn Laws that people overlook is the fact that prior to repeal of the law it was illegal to sell freshly baked bread in England. Bakers had to store their bread for a day, allowing it to cool and loose its tempting aroma, smell. This factoid my youngest brother discovered when doing some research.

    From the Hansard of the time during a debate an MP stated:, fresh bread smells too delicious and it tempts people to buy it even if they are not hungry. That is why we are selling too much bread requiring corn causing this shortage. Ban the selling of fresh bread and the corn shortage will go away.

    Good to see that the standard of debating in parliament have stayed at the same dismall level after nearly 200 years.

  10. I sneeze in threes

    His radio comms are incorrect, it’s never “over and out” it’s either over (which means you require a response) or out, which means you’ve end communicating.

  11. @Longrider March 30, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    This moron thinks that the corn laws were a good thing? That pretty much says it all.

    Hmm, I’m sure you’re in the minority here.

    Tim, Jim, others and I believe repealing the corn laws was excellent and we should repeat by repealing all import taxes

  12. Pcar – I think you misunderstand me here…

    I most certainly do not think that the corn laws were a good thing and I do think that their repeal was absolutely the right thing to do. Re read my comment 😉

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