This might not be quite the right answer

London man becomes only second person ever to be ‘cured’ of HIV as scientists hail breakthrough

OK, it’s stem cell therapy etc.

But I’d start from the point that among millions and millions you’ll find one or two immune systems that will do damn near anything.

6 thoughts on “This might not be quite the right answer”

  1. There have been cases of people who are seemingly inmune to HIV, but they can’t be said to have been cured if they never caught it in the first place.

  2. Michael van der Riet

    We’re all descended from ancestors that survived these things, whether smallpox, the black plague, or McDonalds. Future humans, as you say, may be immune to HIV.

  3. In one of William Gibson’s novels they found a vacinne for HIV by testing inmates in the prison system that had it for extended periods and were still healthy

  4. ‘you’ll find one or two immune systems that will do damn near anything’

    Agreed. I had an employee 40 years ago who survived breast cancer. Her body cured itself.

    Periodically she left work to donate blood. Not to Red Cross, but an oncology group, who used her blood as a treatment. Had she been able to give millions of gallons of blood, she could have cured breast cancer.

    I often wondered how the oncology group decided who got the blood. Who lived; who didn’t.

    I also wondered how she got breast cancer in the first place. Her body could cure it, so how did she get it?

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