Two uteri, wonder how that works?

A 20-year old Bangladeshi woman was in for an overwhelming surprise last week when she delivered twins, 26 days after having given birth to a boy.

According to news reports from Dhaka, Arifa Sultana Iti from Sharsha Upazila was rushed to the Khulna Medical College hospital in nearby Jessore on 25 February, following complications with her pregnancy.

Within hours, she gave birth to a premature baby boy through normal delivery and returned home soon after with her baby. But the doctors had missed the presence of her second uterus.

No, I know roughly how the second uterus existing works.

However, ain’t it hormones that leads to the actual birth? Contractions, cervix opening and all that? And while there are two uteri there’s only one bloodstream carrying hormones. So, why don’t the two uteri go into birthing mode at the same time?

One obvious answer is dunno given the rarity of the underlying uteri doubling. But anyone know more?

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  1. Ripening of the cervix ie its gradual effacement before labour depends on placental hormones and prostaglandins and act locally by diffusion, so not a bloodstream thing.

  2. Yeah, but, oxytocin. Why no (or inadequate) contractions from the second uterus during the first labour? The second delivery by Caesarean 26 days later – apart from being unimpressed with Bangladeshi obstetrics, I wonder if they were conceived a cycle apart, as inconceivable as that might be.

  3. Who knows about 2 uteruses, but there was once a prostitute with two vaginas. She was ostracised by the other girls in the brothel, who said they couldn’t stand her ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

    Do 2 uteruses make a woman more hysterical?

  4. It could be the second uterus was blind, with no opening into the vaginal canal.

    Also possible there was no second uterus, but two placenta one with twins, the other with a fœtus from a different egg.

    Given the Country and how unreliable media reports are in the so-called developed World, never mind in places three fields off China, and the uncertain standard of medical care in some places, my money would be on this last explanation.

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