Beatles fans looking to visit the Abbey Road crossing have wasted thousands of pounds taking a long and winding road to the wrong station.

Rather than going to St John’s Wood Tube station, in north-west London, many Beatlemaniacs instead went to Abbey Road station in the city’s east.

A Freedom of Information request by Telegraph Money showed that 1,171 journeys were made from the Abbey Road station on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) to St John’s Wood on the Jubilee line in 2018. The majority of these are thought to have been lost Beatles fans.

Assuming these were all adult single fares, fans would have spent £2,959.40 to get back to the right location.

Must have been a very boring afternoon in the Telegraph offices when they cooked up that info request….

31 thoughts on “Umm, yes”

  1. Thank God some do get lost, though. Only He know how bad driving over that crossing would otherwise be.

  2. You go through Abbey road to get to Stratford from London city airport. No way to avoid it. Lcy is of course another area where you tell you are taking your life in your hands when walking the short distance from the airport to the cheap ibis nearby.

    London City Airport.

  3. Surely most tourists will have a travel card (or oyster and doing multiple trips) so the only thing lost is time not any extra money.

  4. Did they take into account daily capping on Oyster and CPC? Bear in mind that identifiable journey data is only held for 8 weeks; so by now TFL know how many journeys were taken but have no data that can connect those journeys to individuals.

    *declaration: I just spent two and a half years on the Oyster helpdesk.

  5. Reminds me of that Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch where they show a Tube Map with all the main attractions at the ends of underground lines, e.g. Buckingham Palace in Edgware or something similar.

  6. Ian B–I thought your absence might be explained by your having held a job where you’d get the boot should you be found to be on a wicked “far-right” board.

    Biggie–what’s walking from Euston station to HoC 3pm there and 6 pm back like on a Friday ie today? Still safe enough crimewise? It must be 20 years since I was last in London–it was ok then. Got a relative going on the protest- can’t go myself.

  7. Ecksy, I’ve no idea.

    The walk from Euston to KX is generally safe, but in the wrong direction of course.

    Euston is of course next to …

  8. @Ecksy: the walk is fine. South from Euston to the river is all expensive and safe. Euston the dodgiest part of it.

  9. I + Mrs walked from St Pancras to Dorset St (off Baker St) via Langham Place on Wednesday evening on the back streets, with no sign of any problems. The bit near Euston is the dodgiest, and then there’s the student area round UCL/SOAS.

  10. Bizzare stat. How did they know these people are all Beatles fans? Perhaps they were cricket fans living in Docklands going to Lords?

  11. Interesting that Mr Ecks claims to speak for England but does not know how unthreatening it is to walk around Fitzrovia and Marylebone. I think he is Guy Verhofstadt under a pseuedonym

  12. @dio

    I find it startling you can walk around some pretty dodgy areas yet within ten minutes find yourself strolling among street after street lined with Rolls-Royces, Bentley, McLarens etc and in which the odd Ferrari or Porsche feels decidedly low-rent. People quite happy to leave these gleaning beasts out on the street and not fussed that they might get keyed or their tyres slashed or their more easily detachable bits nicked or their windows bricked or the car to get burned out. If the student protestors you often get round SOAS/UCL wanted to go and cause millions of pounds of damage to super-rich fossil-fuel-burning petrolheads they’re only a short stroll from being able to do so. Perhaps they’ve just never explored the local area. Or maybe some of them are afraid to head that way in case mater and pater clock them.

  13. Diogenes–I don’t live in London or give a rat’s arse about the multi-culti paradise. You however live in a fucking barrel and you have wit such as to suggest you should have drained the meths out before you took up residence.

  14. As there seem to be so many London experts on here I have to go from kings cross to Heathrow one afternoon next week, google seems to suggest can take underground from st pancreas/kings cross. Was wondering how practical that is with a suitcase and child in tow

  15. @BniC
    It’s practical outside the rush hour, but takes an hour (almost exactly). The public transport alternative is Circle/Metropolitan line to Paddington (which avoids escalators) then Heathrow Express (or the cheaper Heathrow Connect, now rebranded TfL Rail), which takes more like 40 minutes, but is more expensive than the Piccadilly line. HTH

  16. Yep, Piccadilly line straight there, no changes. As long as you go in the right direction of course. Umm, maybe, 40 minutes? Almost certainly faster than anything else, other than a cab maybe?

  17. More than 40 mins but still faster and less hassle than having to change and re-ticket at the awfully unintegrated heathrow “express”. Every halfway functional country in the world except the UK manages to integrate its major airport into the normal national rail network.

    Don’t get on a terminal 4 train if you are going to 2, 3, or 5 because it sits around in terminal 4 for bloody ages before going to 2/3, and doesn’t go to 5 at all.

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