We can hope, eh?

Tories could become the nasty party again

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  1. “The woman who noticed that the Conservatives were seen as the nasty party has now fallen victim to the species she identified.”

    I like that quip… Theresa falls on her sword….and misses.

  2. Reading the comments to that article I thought for a moment it was the Gruniad……………………

  3. As opposed to the unspeakably foul party?

    By the way, is there a collection to buy the rope to lynch Theo with? I’m good for a tenner.

  4. As opposed to a party that:-

    1. Couldn’t manage a majority against Personality Vacuum and Economy Fucker-upper Gordon Brown.
    2. Barely beat Ed Milliband (and only after adopting a “nasty” policy of an EU referendum)
    3. Couldn’t manage a majority against Magic Commie Grandad

    In the election before she was pushed out, Mrs Thatch managed a majority of over 100.

    I’ve said this over and over: there is no point trying to be the magic money tree/expand the state party because Labour will always offer more to the people in society who are the beneficiaries of this. You have to chase the people who want less government, across the different wealth of society, and you do it aggressively and unapologetically. You make “we stop handing money to bureaucrats and put it into people’s pockets” what you’re known for.

  5. Dennis the Peasant

    Welcome to America, wogs.

    In the Tories you have your very own Bush/Romney Republican party.

    The only two questions that now remain are as follows: (1) When will the party collapse upon itself, and (2) will you have the wisdom and fortitude to find and elect your Very Own Trump.

    The answer to (1) appears to be “soon”.
    The answer to (2) appears to be “very doubtful”.

  6. Theo still has a chance to redeem himself.

    Let him appear on here and prove that he is not trapped by the “My Dad voted Tory” madness. That he has the wit and wisdom to respond to a Tory Party that has all but knocked him down and urinated on him and his values. By voting for UKIP. Even if only one time in a desperate situation. A man with obvious intelligence and a private education should be able to recognise when he has been–and still is –being betrayed by a gang of scum who regard he and his with contempt.

    How about it Theo? One time only to save Brexit and the UK. And to show that your soul is free of self-destructive compulsions/inhibitions that no longer serve you or–more importantly– your progeny.

  7. Foolish to hope for anything from the Tories, not even that they should (re)become the nasty party.

    The Tories are an institution that has been marched through. It is lost to us. All that is left is to extinguish it.

  8. At the upcoming council elections please vote for the farthest right ‘far right’ party standing in your area.

    Unless, of course, this is the tory party in which case try the least loony independent or stand yourself. (Or if neither option applies, spoil your ballot, preferably with Ecksian imprecations to the party hacks seeking your vote.)

  9. Nominations close at 4pm next Wednesday.

    I’m just hoping the stupid woman doesn’t call an General Election right in the middle of the Locals again.

  10. Kevin B,

    Yup. Already told the local Tories that they’ll start getting my vote when the MP exits and not before.

    If I can get my papers sorted out, I’ll stand. But I doubt I’ll get around to it in time. If not, I’ll be spoiling ballot paper, I think.

  11. I always like to know what Blair’s bag man (Philip Collins) thinks. It’s certain to be the direct opposite of the truth. A sort of slightly less dim Polly Twaddle.

  12. The next Conservative leadership election gives members a chance to consummate or end their flirtation with dogma

    Bad dogma:

    Enforcing national borders
    The State spending less money
    Putting the interests of the UK first
    Stopping men in dresses having access to girls’ toilets and changing rooms

    Good dogma:

    Open borders
    Transgenders in your daughter’s changing rooms, and the police arresting you for disagreeing.
    Destroying Western civilisation by de-industrialising.
    Spending £25bn on arts subsidy and foreigners

  13. “Anything that is not actively conservative every day will eventually become liberal.” – O’Sullivan’s Law

    “The Tories are an institution that has been marched through. It is lost to us. All that is left is to extinguish it.”


    What Britain needs desperately is Brits.

  14. @Rob
    With you 100% until the Destroying Western civilisation by de-industrialising. Manufacturing remains a significant part of the economy, and larger than that of France, but we’re not going to Make England Great Again© through burly men riveting steel plate to make ships. If we want first world living standards, we need to add first world levels of value, and not try to compete with Vietnam.

    Top engineers designing stuff, ultra high-tech manufacturing (satellites, aerospace, pharma) plus (for sure) financial and other services. That’s where a successful future has to lie.

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