We don’t matey, we don’t

Avocad-NO: why does everyone hate the Shepard avocado?
Mel Campbell
The Shepard avocado is consistently smashed online – and hatred of the green menace intensifies as Hass avocados go out of season

99% of humanity has never heard of the difference and 99.9% don’t give a shit either.

13 thoughts on “We don’t matey, we don’t”

  1. Given all that’s going on you would need to produce someone who can shit avocados for the matter to be worth a single electron laid down. Can we have a thread about present matters of import Tim? Since Contins has a big big zero comments on Bercow etc.

  2. I’ll be down the pub in Brisbane tomorrow, doubt that we’ll talk about anything else except avocados, could get pretty heated.

  3. Both of them are made of soap, anyway, and consequently their only function is to act as a reliable Gullible Hipster Twat Detector.

    This has been a Public service Announcement.

  4. Dennis the Peasant

    Ah, a fat woman writing about food. And, of course, her first book is just out and it’s about being fit and fat.

    Quelle surprise!

    And just where would we be without The Guardian tackling the BIG ISSUES?

  5. When we lived in Queensland the Curious-Mail carried an advice column for those feeling a bit stretched financially.

    Don’t butter your toast; rub it with avocado instead.

  6. I can see the new click bait ad on ConTel now – “The Amazing Avocado That Everyone In The UK Is Talking About!”.

  7. No-one online gives a toss either and mel admits it.
    “I’ve been trolling online….Nobody took the bait. This makes me wonder if Shepard hatred is a genuine taste issue..”

  8. I’ve been waiting for over a decade for my check from Big Oil. Maybe I should shill for Big Avocado. Perhaps I should comment Campbell’s article asking what Big Avocado pays.

  9. I happen to love Avos and buy it 50 weeks out of 52 here in the UK. I only buy Hass and just like to look at the label to see where it comes from. So far I have noticed Spain, Greece, Israel, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. And the best tasting ones are from South America, Chile, Brazil and the country of where this delicacy originated, Peru.

    So I can travel the world just by eating this delicious fruit, the green testicles of the Incas.

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