Well, yes, sure

Harriet Wistrich, Mrs Challen’s lawyer, said there were “many more cases” of women whose years of abuse by their partners would merit a reassessment of their convictions. One has already been given leave to appeal.

“How many have been convicted for murder where they’ve killed someone abusing them?” said Ms Wistrich. “There are probably dozens of them.”

If we relax these standards then we must do so in a decidedly non-gendered manner, no?

How many men are serving murder sentences for having killed nagging wives? Or perhaps a little stronger – but our definition of domestic abuse is gender equal now, isn’t it?

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  1. The days of suffering-wifey-desperate-behind-the-curtains are long over. American female scum routinely falsely accuse their ex-husbands of domestic violence just to boost their divorce whiphand. So no excuses for “I killed him because he ….”. If he has the knife out to stab her and she gets lucky then she better have some proof of his wrongdoing beyond being tearful. Several bitches have likely got away with murder already with the “I killed my tormenter” cockrot. Thornton is a name that surfaces in mind.

    I would suggest that both spouses invest in cameras in troubled relationships –but that would hardly help. Indeed creating a bad climate between husband and wife is the very central aim of Marxist feminist evil.

    All in all more feminist shite. I wonder how many females have had their evil gobs turned back on them under the FFC’s “domestic control” shite. My guess would be none.

  2. I have no problem with women who have a history of domestic abuse being treated leniently if they murder their boyfriend/husband.

    However, I do get suspicious when a woman claims – with no evidence of abuse and no prior recorded incidents – that the man she just killed abused her for years. It is he said/she said, only he’s not around to defend himself.

    There are plenty of male victims of domestic violence, but I sincerely doubt any leniency would be shown to them if they murdered their abuser.

    Perhaps it is natural because there are fewer females offenders, but female crims get an easier ride. Maybe that’s why increasing numbers of male criminals claim to be women these days…

  3. You can argue the case for a woman killing a partner in self defence, but she went to his home equipped and with the intention of killing him – a premeditated murder in my book.

  4. Any time we accept a re-working of the marriage laws there should be a transition period for men to walk off, no harm, no foul, because that wasn’t the deal they signed up to.

    Feminists hurt women more than men because they make women too dangerous to deal with, it’s about time women started learning that.

  5. Best be really careful with the legal consequences, because if it becomes legal to murder a person if subject to undue torment, there’ll be 17.4 million suspects on 30 March.

  6. If you grab a kitchen knife and shove it in your husband’s/wife’s throat while they are threatening or assaulting you, it’s self defence. Clap on the back for you.

    If you ambush your unsuspecting husband/wife while they are quietly eating breakfast & knife them to death, it’s cold blooded murder. A long stretch for you.

    I guess I’ll never be a judge. I thought this was simple.

  7. 2019. Fiona Onasanya (black and female) – pleaded not guilty to lying and found guilty by trial in speeding case – 3 months (should be aggravated sentence for pleading not guilty).

    2013. Chris Huhne (white and male) – pleaded guilty to lying in speeding case – 8 months.

    So many differences between them but the common factor is both criminal politicians are utter cvnts, along with the judge in Onasanya’s case.

  8. I remember a case from several years back where a woman poured something akin to napalm on her husband while he slept, killing him. Claimed years of abuse. Cherie Blair have her a f*king bravery award!
    Could you imagine a bloke getting away with that? Never mind getting a f*king award.
    Straight up premeditated murder in my book that. Cooking up napalm requires intent, isn’t something you do by accident…


  9. ‘There were “many more cases” of women whose years of abuse by their partners would merit a reassessment of their convictions.’

    Not in evidence. An empty assertion.

  10. The question I was asking was “Why the fuck does any *woman* get married?” I thought we’d spent the last century educating that “women don’t like sex” was a lie – so is it that it was true all along? There can be no other explanation for the everwhelming attempts to destroy coupledom of any sort.

  11. Shows how far out courts have declined that this judgement has come down
    She had left him and was living elsewhere, she chose to go and see him to discuss divorce terms and decided to take a hammer with her and then beat him repeateadly with it while he was sat at the kitchen table
    Hardly snapping in the moment or self-defence

  12. Anon–destroying man/woman relationships is the very basis of Marxist feminism and its aim. To undermine the bedrock of bourgeois society–the family.

    Even down to the McCrap adverts with Ricky Marxist-Jailbird on TV. “What’s a family–any collection of damaged, weird and perverted crew the scummy left can stick a label on”.

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