Well, yes Sweetie

On both sides of the Atlantic, the “meh” is worshipped while progressive politics are condescendingly dismissed as unworkable.

The thing being many to most of those ideas of progressive politics are unworkable.

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  1. Tim, you’re missing more interesting stuff being uncovered across the pond:
    George Papadopoulos (twitter)
    “Britain is in a political crisis. To push brexit hard, declassifying the spy role of the David Cameron government on Trump and his team is paramount. Congress can not overlook the vital importance of London as the center of the coup attempt.”

    Now TM was Home Secretary when the Obama FBI were abusing the FVEYS security arrangement to get around US laws to spy on one candidate Donald Trump. Things get more and more interesting ie the UK security apparatus were weaponised to manipulate an election.

  2. ‘Ocasio-Cortez, to the chagrin of many of her colleagues, has no interest in diluting her views and occupying a “safe” middle ground.’

    Views? WTF? She’s an actress; she has no views. She is reading lines from a script. Written by Cenk Uygur and Saikat Chakrabarti.

    This isn’t secret stuff. Mahdawi fights for her own death. Cos reasons.

  3. I support progressive politics, but stuff that works. We need a private and charity sector for a country to be free and fair.
    I do not support nationalizing everything, So I am left of centre.
    We need to stop wife beaters, bullies, racists, homophobes, and other bigots. That is my main theme of left wing values.

  4. Meh is centrism is it? and we “worship Meh?. Nonsense. Where did Arwa get those ideas from? Yes claiming your policy is correct or best because its in between two other points envokes a fallacy of moderation. Except in politics it can never be completely fallacious because you don’t want to to piss too many off who disagree with you, coz then you don’t get to do anything. And refreshingly even blairite careerists who’d you’d have thunk would go along with anything for a front bench job turn out to reject corbynism on principle rather than pure electoral calculation.

  5. Uh no the “meh” is dis-enfranchised whilst assorted loons infest a duopolistic system blithering on about “democracy” when it suits them.
    I think the reason people like Hayek plus bigotry or Paleozoic socialism is that it is simple,one book and you are off .
    Moderation in its Conservative form is a rich tradition full of creative contradictions it nourishes the cultivated mind and appeals to people who doubt the truth is ever simple
    Only exceptionally clever people like myself appreciate it and it is certainly not to be found in the current loathsome Conservative Party.

  6. We need to stop wife beaters, bullies, racists, homophobes, and other bigots. That is my main theme of left wing values.

    I dunno, man. Sounds Islamophobic to me.

  7. Your raving, while always tiresome, is growing more tired by the day Facepainter. You now ramble to the point that it is no longer clear–aside from the odd pathetic insult and statement of your own so-superior middle class Marxist status– WTF you are on about. Is it drugs, booze or Alzheimers?

    Either way get some help or stop wasting electrons. We can listen to street people fumin’ anytime without boosting our electric bill.

  8. I’m a progressive in the sense of the Sheffield Progressive Party of the 1930s, which was an anti-socialist alliance of Liberals and Conservatives.

  9. I suspect Woo is a bot, programmed to respond to either leftist, or mention of Alexandra Occasional-Cortex.

    There has been what I suspect to be a couple of them on here recently – seemingly commenting but seemingly disconnected from the conversation at the same time.

  10. “We need to stop wife beaters, bullies, racists, homophobes, and other bigots. That is my main theme of left wing values.”

    We? WE ?!?! Who TF is WE?

    Most of your list is IDEAS. People have the absolute right to believe whatever they want. That you want to stop their freedom, fix their “incorrect” ideas, is evil.

  11. “Arwa Mahdawi also writes The Week in Patriarchy, a weekly newsletter on feminism and sexism.”

    Goodness, who’d a thunk it?

  12. When the only person who seems to have anything sensible to say is John Redwood you know modern politics and democracy is seriously screwed

    Hes reported to have said Cut the scare-mongering, no deal just means lots of mini deals and the govt made it clear it would be doom and gloom if we voted for leave at the time of the referendum anyway so stopping saying people didn’t vote with knowledge

  13. BniC, people don’t comprehend how screwed it is.

    Look at this video, The Brains Behind AOC.


    When I was watching it, I thought it outlandish and conspiratorial.

    SO . . . after watching, I did an internet search on ‘justice democrats’ and . . . damn! . . . there it all was. As I said above, this isn’t secret stuff. It’s right there on the internet for all to see.

    Now I’m all for a Sun Tsu approach: when your enemy is committing a blunder, stay out of their way. I’m fine with the Democrats doing the ultra-left tack. It is electoral suicide.

    What I don’t understand is Pelosi putting up with this stuff. Surely she knows it is electoral suicide. As Ilhan Omar keeps making outrageous anti-semitic remarks, Pelosi allows a generalized Congressional policy against “hate,” and no specific rejection of anti-semitism nor Omar’s statements.

    It ain’t going to play well in the heartland.

    Mr Reagan’s comment on star power is prophetic. I think of Barrack Obama, an empty suit. A plastic banana. The Magic Negro. The Democrats selected him as a star. The similarity between Obama and -Cortez is striking. It is known who is behind -Cortez; it is not known who was behind Obama. Same people? Dunno.

  14. @Ljh March 13, 2019 at 12:50 pm


    Cameron/May Gov’t support for Hellary and their co-opting of GCHQ and MI5&6 to spy on Trump needs exposure

  15. Omar isn’t making anti semitic remarks – shes just saying aloud what everyone knows – that AIPAC and the Jewish lobby have inordinate influence in US politics.

    Which if course is a bad thing. So they passed a resolution condemning white nationalism.

    Cos Israel is the only permissible ethno state.

    In other news “Sir” David Steel has known since 1979 that Cyril Smith abused kids, because Smith admitted it to him.

    Have politicians always been total cunts?

  16. Revelation, I had heard that she had made anti-semitic remarks. I believed what I heard.

    Your post prompted more research. All I could find was ‘It’s all about the Benjamins baby,’ which seems rather inoccuous to me. So I agree with your assessment, she isn’t making anti-semitic remarks, at least no serious ones.

    “Which if course is a bad thing.”

    I disagree with this. The U.S. and Israel should have a tight bond. Israel may be our closest ally in the world.

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