What talent was the show about?

A sex scandal swirling around South Korea’s K-pop industry has deepened after a singer and TV celebrity admitted he had secretly filmed himself having sex with women and sharing the footage online without their consent.

Jung Joon-young, who rose to fame after coming second in a TV talent show,

Can Rocco enlighten us?

8 thoughts on “What talent was the show about?”

  1. “A sex scandal … has deepened … having sex with women …

    Jung Joon-young, who rose to fame after coming second…”


  2. No comment. For me, cock size is important. That’s why these days I shoot mostly with the Murphmeister of tax porn. He makes it seem legal and he never avoids his duties

  3. Dennis the Peasant

    Having become somewhat familiar with what passes for TV entertainment in Asia, the phrase “Korean TV talent show” is, in and of itself, somewhat terrifying.

  4. Dennis the Peasant

    @Rob, coming second makes you a stud, doesn’t it?

    I hope not… Otherwise I’ve been doing it wrong for 62 years.

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