What’s this despite?

Nigel Farage added nearly £400,000 last year to the coffers of a company that has acted as a repository for the former Ukip leader’s earnings from media appearances and the lecture circuit.

Despite claiming in 2017 that he was “skint”, filings to Companies House suggest the picture may have changed in the period since he stepped down as leader.

Thorn in the Side Ltd, of which Farage is the sole director, had assets of £548,573 for the year to May 2018 – a substantial jump from assets of just over £157,000 recorded for the previous year.

He’s skint, he goes to work and earns some money. What’s this “despite” then?

11 thoughts on “What’s this despite?”

  1. Farage made a lot of money from brief appearances on TV – money that could have gone to a Grauniad journalist instead. Of course they are cross about it.

  2. This “Brexit millionaires” cockrot is the usual asinine remainiac bullshit.

    Which major political piggy doesn’t retire as a fucking multi-millionaire ANYWHERE in the world nowadays. And that is ordinarily corrupt turds never mind the real heavyweights. I believe both the Mayor and police chief of Mexico City routinely retire as dollar billionaires.

    The scum EU grandees will not be doing a Cincinnatus or a Garibaldi once their careers are over. You may be assured of that. If they were English they might have heard of Garibaldi the biscuit but that is as near as they will ever get. Or Drunker having a red shirt cos he spilled the wine.

  3. Company earns money, company owns money.
    The director does not own it until it is paid out by the company. As wages or dividends.
    And no requirement for the company to pay out all its money at any one time.

    He can still be skint with a company that earned £400k in a year. His money and the company money are separate.

  4. But the Guardian believes that “being skint” or “being rich” is a permanent condition; only the State (through taxes or benefits) can alter it.

  5. In Guardian land if you’re skint the only remedy is a handout. Whether from the state or a rich relative. Other options do not compute

  6. “RichardT

    But the Guardian believes that “being skint” or “being rich” is a permanent condition”


    The left like to bang on about the hated 1% and of course it’s easier to drum up hatred of a minority but research in the US showed that as far as income was concerned, no less than 9% of Americans are in the top 1% at some point in their career.

    People start out at the bottom, may rise to the top and then retire.

    Drumming up hatred against 9% of the population isn’t so easy.

  7. I am sure that Ritchie will approve of Farage’s use of a company for his business. After all he promoted this in the Observer and did it himself for many years.

  8. He has a long, long way to go to reach Shrillary’s hundred million and thus deserve the adulation of the Guardian.

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