Who knows about Great Big Sod Off sound systems?

Just a little thought here. We’ve got some noisy people around us with their sound systems. Breaking the law with their sound systems.

One idea is to have a great big Sod Off sound system to oppress them occasionally.

So, what does one need for a Great Big Sod Off Sound System?

I’m thinking about something that can produce 130, maybe 140 decibels as a nice starter. Possibly significantly more. The point being that if they start running well above legal limits then I can flatten them against their own wall.

An alternative is something that is only about as loud as they are. 110 to 120 Db. But which is ever so slightly our of whack with their system. Even, picking up their music and playing if back at a .25 sec delay maybe. Yes, I can imagine big feedback problems with that idea.

Anyway, anyone any bright ideas? Or guidance? Is there someone who has built this sort of system already?

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    What are you looking to spend? I’d go on eBay and look for a keyboard combo and also, if you’re feeling vicious a sub woofer to hook up to it.

    Something like a Roland KC550 + Roland KCW200

    Why a keyboard system? Because if you can play an organ through it without complaining, it will handle anything. Much more effective and compoact than a PA

  2. I have a big sod off hifi system but I don’t play it loud. How much do you want to spend? You get 3dB more output for every doubling of amp power and speakers are often rated dB/watt at 1 metre.

    100 dB/Watt at 1m is a sensitive speaker and you’d need 1kW amp for 130dB at 1m You could probably run an outdoor disco with it.

  3. A lot depends on where “they” are – an air path or is there some party wall / physical connection?

    I have been scheming an area denial system for orcs who decide to pillage my garage. I figure they can’t steal anything when their hands are stopping their ears bleeding.

    In terms of sound pressure levels there’s a lot of BS doing the rounds – but if you want efficiency a horn speaker is just the ticket (not HiFi but WGAF?) – a couple of hundred quids on eBay will get you an ambulance/plod surplus horn speaker that should manage 130dB reliably.

    If there’s no pretense to musicality or “social music” in your endeavor- a tone sweep is really annoying and if you get two horn speakers and run the sweeps so that they beat (3-4 Hz apart) I think you can guarantee a reaction as the SPL will be epic.

    If there’s a physical, solid connection a couple of theatre style sound shakers would be amusing – you bolt / screw them to structural members of the building and rattle their drinks cabinet.

    A bass guitar playing pal had some seriously noisy weekenders renting a next door cottage – he placed his 6 speaker bass rig against the wall and looped hours of 1980s dub reggae at them and went to stay with his girlfriend.

  4. I’d add that beating high SPL tones will cut through any loud music they’re playing and be extremely irritating and likely be handily directional too – anti social … moi?

  5. Further to to tomo March 8, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    As you have one target, the more directional the horn the better and noise frequency at upper end of human hearing range.

    Something like US Army & Marines use maybe.

    If close enough and outside – make rain.

  6. Ear plugs? You are in Portugal. Get used to living in a noisy country. Any attempt to retaliate will only make things worse.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    Sound advice from Theo involving no sound. Or move – though haven’t you recently moved?

  8. Some expertise in this. It’s not sheer power you need. It’s BASS!
    Now you need to be getting your sound source from something you can fine tune frequency. Basically any computer & appropriate software. Now fiddle with the frequency until you hit the resonant frequency of the house. Away you go!!! Rattle windows!
    Choice of music? Since the vocalist handed his dinner pail this week, pretty well anything by The Progidy

  9. And sympathy. Since it’s Portugal, Latinos & reggaeton? Vile noise. Not even music. Just dagos shouting & they don’t even do that well. Banned in this house. Eviction grounds. Bachata’s slightly better. But not much.

  10. “It’s BASS!”


    I remember years ago when I bought my sound system, the clerk told me how to arrange my speakers. He left one out, so I inquired,

    “Where do I put the powered subwoofer?”

    “In a closet. Or where ever. Doesn’t matter. The sound will get through.”

  11. Waste of time. If a war is necessary,hit with ‘normal’ loud music st 6am when they are trying to sleep. Retaliating at midnight when their blood is up will just encourage them.

    If they want to fuck up your domestic tranquility, target theirs.

  12. Some expertise in this. It’s not sheer power you need. It’s BASS

    Make their teeth vibrate in their gums.

  13. And when they retaliate with boot , fist or spray can =what then?
    They might think their behaviour normal and wonder what you are getting up to

  14. The obvious problem is that if your system isn’t directional then you will just be another annoying acoustic turd because you’re polluting everybody else in the same manner as the evildoers but even louder.

    So your system has to be directional. The only effective way I know how to do this is with a ‘phased array’ – the inverse of a synthetic aperture radar.

    **Lots** of speakers, separated by a smallish gap. If you don’t want to annoy the neighbours, you’ll need it to be more or less omnidirectional so sound away from your target is canceled out well enough. Each speaker driven by its own amplifier. The signal to each amplifier adjusted in time (that is they all have different delays) set up so that the soundwave ‘adds up’ in one direction only, focussed on the evildoers. (With a big enough array, you can adjust focus distance as well as angle)

    I haven’t tried it myself (dammit!), but it’s a Real Thing.

    https://patents.google.com/patent/US20030185404A1/en (not clear how they got this patent!)

    More science for the first reference:

    Somewhat unexciting:

    Commercial offer:

    There’s more, I’m sure

  15. Mr Malpas. Please. We are Brits. We can always go one more rung on the escalation ladder than any forriner.

  16. Are you sure this is a good idea? If their noise is breaking the law, can’t you get the law on them?

    I rarely find passive aggressive retaliation of the type you’re suggesting to be effective.

  17. Dunno what happened – I left a fairly lengthy reply yesterday saying you needed to phased array of speakers and giving a bunch of reference links. It never appeared 🙁

    So here we go again: you need a phased array of speakers. You can Google for that and find a bunch of links (including a Google patent, whose first claim is so blindingly obvious it’s hard to see why it was granted), Here’s one to get you going:


    And you can buy ready-made things. And there’s a terrifying subset used for ultrasonic testing….

  18. Does anyone know a way of jamming the neighbours’ hifis or somehow causing their speakers to blow?

  19. Tommo

    If they’re streaming over Bluetooth or WIFi you could likely mess with that – but some tech skills required.

    Some stereo systems aren’t very well protected from RF power so an HF transceiver might cause some interference – again some tech skills (and quite serious kit) required.

    Thinking about the suggestions above for the “rebroadcasting” of the annoying noise with a short delay – that does have a nice aspect that they will notice it, turn off and it’ll stop , turn on and it’ll start again…….. in a case like that the vast majority of folk would blame their own equipment.


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