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Gender inequality may be a necessary condition of capitalism,


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  1. Ellie Mae O’Hagan is a freelance journalist writing mainly for the Guardian.

    Translation: no-one else would ever consider using her.

  2. I support gender equality.. Women should be able to get top jobs, and skilled jobs. Women should get education, and equal pay. I have no problem with equality for women.

  3. Gender reality is a necessary condition of capitalism.

    The reason why feminism and socialism are so closely linked is that both depend on magic trees, of money and men.

    So, women want to have high paid careers, but they also want some magician to throw free childcare and work-life balance their way. They want the state picking up the ticket for what are little more than hobbies (making a movie about lesbianism for 5 people at the ICA, and not the good sort of lesbianism with blonde women called Candy). They want men who are sensitive to their sexual needs, and don’t cheat on them, but it’s fine for them to do it as they shouldn’t be bound to some patriarchy, and have a large penis, and earn lots of money, and accept if they leave with the kids and pay for them, and don’t expect access, and apologise when their telepathy fails. They are entitled to everything, but should have no responsibility.

  4. Bloke on M4

    Spot on in every line – it’s an infantilising creed that has caused more death and destruction than any barring Socialism, but if you consider it is a subset of the Socialist ideology it becomes very clear.

  5. ‘Feminism without socialism will never cure our unequal society’

    Translation: we need socialism. If feminism will help us get it, we’re all for it. Otherwise, we couldn’t fvcking care less.

    ‘Gender inequality is a necessary condition of capitalism’

    Inequality = freedom. Free trade must be stopped.

    LGBT = women. How’s that ‘gender equality’ working out for you?

    ‘so this International Women’s Day join a trade union’

    Confirmation unions = socialism.

    ‘The chair of the Institute of Directors, Charlotte Valeur, has used International Women’s Day to criticise FTSE 350 companies for not making enough effort to recruit and promote women and minority-ethnic directors.’

    ‘and minority-ethnic directors.’ WTF ?!?! So it’s really not about women at all. She NUKED her stupid article.

    ‘Sexism persists because it is propped up by a deep-rooted set of beliefs and stereotypes that imagine women as inferior.’

    Men and women are different. It’s not rocket surgery. Interesting that the Left perceives noticing differences as ‘sexist.’ I think Ecks has it, it’s all CM bullshit for the reduction of Western Civilization.

    10-4 BoM4. Men have made women so comfortable that they are decadent. Attacking those who keep them alive.

  6. It’s ethnic minority not minority ethnic. Ethnic is not a noun. As soon as people start raping the English language I stop listening to their illiterate dribbles.

  7. Gamecock,

    Why doesn’t that woman at the IoD start a business with all these overlooked women directors? Put up her house and pension as collateral, make a billion dollars.

    Despite all these women repeating this and anyone who says otherwise being some sort of heretic, they never do it.

    And look at Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook. They’re mostly sausage-fests.

  8. BoM4, I’m beginning to think the problem with modernity is that men listen to women now. Used to be that all the chatter that went on amongst women was harmless, as we never heard it.

  9. Gender inequality is not a necessary condition of capitalism. It is a necessary condition of feminism.

  10. John, I’m saying that is changing. Womens are starting to realize they need to talk about SEX, not GENDER. Their positions are being eroded – stolen – by the gender freaks.

  11. – “Gender inequality is not a necessary condition of capitalism. It is a necessary condition of feminism.

    It actually isn’t.

  12. Surreptitious Evil

    I agree with wat. Even if there was perfect gender “equality”, they’d just redefine it and carry on whining. C.f. ‘Poverty’.

  13. @ S E
    Feminism is utterly dependent upon the notion of inherent female superiority in all important things, thereby justifying equal pay for unequal work, exemption from equality laws whenever the status quo favours women, harsher punishment for males for identical offences ….

  14. Labour have just triumphantly adopted a policy of “Flexible Work From Day One”. I confidently predict that as soon as it becomes law workplace gender inequality will sky-rocket as women take advantage of flexible working to flexibly work less.

  15. @ jgh
    Shortly thereafter company insolvencies will skyrocket as the relatively small minority of women who want to exploit the system will do so leaving their co-workers in the lurch. When ‘phoning a local authority I have to put up with “she’s not in today, ‘phone tomorrow” or “she’s left, she only works mornings” or …. but if it’s a private company I’ll take my business elsewhere (well, mostly, when I was told the senior chimney-sweep was injured through no fault of his own and the junior one was working through urgent/priority cases I waited until he had recovered enough to return to work).

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