Your task today

Is to approach your nearest large newsagent. Sorta Smith’s size one. Who stocks the pocket novels by The Peoples’ Friend. Good clean wholesome love stories. Mills and Boon without the booze or sex.

Jenny Worstall’s “Love and Lies” went on sale today as part of the series. You don’t actually have to buy a copy, although Smith’s does sell them at 50% off if you buy any magazine as well. Hint, hint…..

Sis will be proud of you of course.

And I can confirm that “Jenny Worstall’s novel sold out in her home town on day of issue” and it wasn’t even me nor other family that bought them all. We’re actually one short of the order we need for a proud Mother to hand out to relatives….

Not sold online! Only, as far as I can make out, in Smith’s or other similar large newsagents…..

9 thoughts on “Your task today”

  1. I’m 3/4 the way through Make a Joyful Noise, which is rather good and building nicely to some sort of climax. I like the philanderer Tristram Proudfoot, and your sister writes dialogue well.
    It would be interesting to remove the bits set in Bath and move them to Hartlepool. Imv, of course.

  2. What fun. There was a slight controversy over that one. Her best friend at school was called Claire, and she, Claire, went out for years with a drummer called Tristram. And Sis just won’t have it that the name choices came from that at all.

  3. I’m entertained to know that The People’s Friend still exists. It was an aul’ biddies’ paper even when I was a lad. Armchair by the fire, cup of tea to hand … that sort of thing.

    Mind you, D C Thompson’s papers and comics seem works of genius when you compare them to the Guardian.

  4. dearieme – I much prefer Oor Wullie’s rascally good humour to Owen Joneses grinch-faced progressive misery.


  5. BlokeInTejasInNormandy

    I don’t think they got that sort of place in Normandy. Please forgive me for not succeeding..

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