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Anyone care for the Salman Rushdie bet?

As the old joke went, Rushdie’s next book was going to be “Bugger Off Buddha, Ya’ Fat Bastard”.

The joke being of course that there was no militant Buddhism slaughtering people.

And the bet? We care to insist upon that about Sri Lanka?

I think it unlikely but then that’s just opinion and uninformed at that…..

11 thoughts on “Anyone care for the Salman Rushdie bet?”

  1. How bad do you have to be to get the Buddhists mad at you?

    And Chris Millar does well to mention the Rohingyas, whom the western press wishes to paint as the innocent victims of persecution, without ever asking why they are being persecuted…

  2. Bloke in Germany In Manchester

    No, just my old stomping grounds of Moss Side and mates in less civilised environs.

  3. Re: Rohingyas; ah yes that ‘genocide’ based on the reports of old blokes with beards saying: “If only you guys were here yesterday, there were like hundreds of people being slaughtered and oppressed. What? No sorry they burned the bodies. And then carried them away. Or something.”

    As reported by Lunchtime Oborne, chief Western apologist for fundamentalist Islam.

  4. @Chris

    Ah, the Rohingya RoPs – the pikeys of the Indian sub continent. Thrown out for being prolific
    delinquent theives, stabbers, rapists and murderers. Nobody likes or wants them except western socialists and msm.

  5. “We care to insist upon that about Sri Lanka?”

    I have been assured, by people who consider themselves Buddhist, that there are no violent Buddhist because, I am assured, a core tenant of Buddhism is pacifism. So the whole Sri Lanka thing is not religious because, I am assured, no real Buddhist would do those things.

    I am assured of this.

  6. @Chris

    If UK Gov’t food fascists have their way, nobody will be putting sugar on anything and it will be on the Poisons Register.

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