Anyone know ResponseSource?

Seem to be listed in one of those books of journalists around and about. And they tell me that I can use their “ResponseSource” system to ask for review stuff.

So, what sorta stuff is given to journos to review? Sadly, expansive TV and phone stuff is only lent, not given.

So, any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Anyone know ResponseSource?”

  1. I use Response Source a lot.

    It pings out an email to all the PRs in the country. They are incredibly helpful, and will respond to even the most obscure requests.

    Review goods are sometimes provided forevever, sometimes must be returned. For example, I wrote a review of keyboards, and of ten models I had to return about three.

    Tends to be more of a question of where the article will end up. The Times? You’ll be lavished. Bognor Regis Chronicle? Less so.

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