Blimey Nick, seriously?

This paralysing lack of leadership leaves Remainers with nowhere to go
Nick Cohen

Who do you vote for in the EU elections if you oppose Brexit? It’s almost impossible to know

Everybody other than Nigel or Gerard isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Blimey Nick, seriously?”

  1. We!l no. May has been loudly telling us that she’s leading us out. We may not believe her, but she’s hardly a clear remainer any more. Corbyn has been deliberately ambiguous. Hence neither party is an obvious choice if leave/remain is your main concern.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    “This paralysing lack of leadership leaves Remainers with nowhere to go”

    Leaders need a vision to inspire people to follow them. The lack of Remainer leadership is due to the paucity of arguments for the EU. All they can do is stand up and say how bad they hope Brexit will be, which doesn’t inspire anyone.

  3. Perhaps one of them could take the lead by explaining how we will reach the sunlit uplands of the consummation of the EU dream. They could start by saying what’s so good about it now then carry on to enumerate all the wonders that the EU leadership has in store for us. The way is open for any one of them to become the leading light of the pro-EU movement and thus ensure a place in posterity. [email protected]

  4. I would have thought it was fairly clear. Hard Leave = Brexit Party, Hard Remain = LibDems. It’s the ground inbetween that’s a confused mess. Who can I vote for to get a clear unequivical vote for EFTA?

  5. And what sane leaver would vote for the rabble that is UKIP? Nigel’s lot is the only way to go.

  6. I think Theo is saying that, if you decide to vote for a single-issue Leave party, Nigel’s Brexit rather than UKIP is the sensible option. I agree. Mind you, I haven’t voted Tory in a European election since UKIP started putting up candidates.

  7. Farage is organised for EU elections and is far better than Batten at speaking. All his other failings aside. So I will be voting Brexit Party for ESpew capers–as always to punish the EU.

    Farage is NOT organised for the local UK elections. So Theo –you need to vote for UKIP IF you really want Brexit and NOT for the scummy crowd of traitors known as the Tory Party. Alright the members may not be traitors but Share-a-room-to-save-money Hague stitched them up as mugs who just hand over the money.

    Get it clear Theo –the ONLY Party you can vote for in the locals if you want to send the message to Tory Brass trash is UKIP.

    But can you–still sneering your rabble line after your gang of shite have shown their pedigree as actual traitors and agents of a foreign power?

    You have been called out before–lets hear it this time.

  8. Steady on Mr Ecks. Theo will be back hiding under the bed after that lot. First time he’s seen daylight for weeks.

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