Capitalism and Feminism

It’s always struck me as entirely weird that feminists tend to be lefties.

Play with those numbers how you wish. The startling decline in mothers weeping bitterly over white coffins happens as and about capitalism takes root in any particular time or place. No other economic system has ever managed to do this. Yes, we probably do think that women not burying their children is feminist. Thus capitalism is that most feminist economic system.

10 thoughts on “Capitalism and Feminism”

  1. I think the shrieking harpies just want their status preserved. They’re the useless offspring of the upper middle classes, neither charming enough to get a good husband, nor smart enough to do anything useful. So their only avenue to retaining status is co-opting the state so they can get paid for pointless jobs.

  2. Lefties will accept any group that will support them. Lefties don’t care about the “cause” of the groups, just their support.

    The end – world socialist government – justifies the means.

  3. Yarp, but the Toyota corollary is that there’s nothing inherently conservative, right wing, or even libertarian about capitalism. In fact, #woke capital and politically correct internet deplatforming is a yuge and growing problem that amounts to an informal Chinese style social credit tyranny, while the CBI is desperate to dissolve Britain in the acid bath of mass migration so it can squeeze a few more shekels out of cheap transient labour at the taxpayers’ eternal expense.

    So mibbe Jesus had the right idea when he knocked over some tables and took a whip to various folks.

  4. The mission was accomplished decades ago, her grand daughters are hidden in plain sight, indistinguishable from the mainstream. The visible, vocal, and odourful strains have mutated different objectives and theologies and concerns.

  5. Feminists tend to be lefties because they want the state to replace or control fathers, husbands and men in general.

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