Cashing in

Avicii’s family announce posthumous album by Swedish DJ


Bergling’s family have also announced the creation of the Tim Bergling Foundation, which will benefit organisations supporting groups involved with mental health and suicide prevention. The musician’s net profits from the album will be donated to the charity.

“Net ” is such an interesting word, isn’t it? And as is common in American such foundations, family members do need salaries to run the family foundation.

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  1. Rather like a not for profit organisation, just because you don’t make a profit doesn’t mean you don’t pay your employees ridiculous salaries.

  2. DocBud,

    I’ve tried to get this over to people who don’t want companies making a profit out of the NHS. “So, what do you think the nurses, doctors and administrators are doing? Are they donating all but the barest subsistence income to charity?”.

    The thing in UK charities are the hidden benefits. They try and avoid big salaries as that’s published, but you employ your kids, have fat pension schemes.

  3. I was impressed about recent coverage of Co-ops financial results. They talked about the groups profits growth. CEO was very upbeat about it. journo treated as a good news story which i suppose it was. I was expecting some mention of the model and a little bit of virtue posering, but didn’t happen, and it does me good now and then to have a cynical expectation not met. But even if it had come up they would still have been talking about profits growth being good,,, because irrespective of who gets to enjoy them,, its a good sign the business is doing something right.

  4. You have to give him credit for making a fortune out of the niche market that is rave country & western.

  5. Off topic, but Contins is being bolloxed by full screen pop up adverts, this time for Virgin Media, site currently unusable for me.

  6. @DocBud April 6, 2019 at 9:57 am


    That’s the point I always make when someone’s extolling NFP firms:

    “pay rise or lower prices?” “£1 cheaper per customer pa or £1,000 each pay rise for all staff?”

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