Could we have Rocco’s opinion please?

Mum ditches Bargain Buys job to become £140-an-hour dominatrix – and turns living room into ‘sex dung

Seems a bit specialised, there aren’t that many Lib Dem MPs left are there?

Sadly, it’s just how Google News truncates headlines:

Mizz Enigma UK says she can cater to almost every fetish, but insists her services are never sexual

9 thoughts on “Could we have Rocco’s opinion please?”

  1. For her birthday, do her clients have a whip round so she can go on the lash?
    Page 47 of The Puerile Joke Book.

  2. Shouldn’t have clicked on the link after eating a couple of Tunnocks teacakes :-/

    I don’t mean to be Judge Mental, but whatever happened to normal kinks, such as doing it in the kitchen?

  3. In my experience, pro-Dommes very rarely give sexual relief to their clients. They stamp on their balls, extinguish cigarettes on their penises, wank them and then stop before they cum,etc. Sometimes orgasm may be imposed on the client by anal milking (prostate stimulation) but most activities involve inflicting pain and humiliation. £140 per hour is less than the donkey is paid when we use Polly’s services

  4. I believe the great Mummy Hazel charges more than £140 per hour for infantiphilial services as well

  5. At times like these I like to ask myself: WWJRMD?

    Probably lie back in an elegantly tailored double-breasted suit, and think of England.

  6. The donkey’s being disgustingly underpaid for work like that, Rocco. You should be reported to someone. Trust you give him an overalls allowance.

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