‘Coz we’re special we are

Dame Emma Thompson joined climate protesters in London on Thursday to declare that she wants to be among those demonstrators arrested by police.

However, it has emerged that the Oscar winning British actress was photographed a day earlier arriving at Heathrow Airport after apparently flying from Los Angeles where it is believed she had been celebrating her 60th birthday.

The Extinction Rebellion group, which is calling for flights to be used only in emergencies, insisted that any flight she had taken was an “unfortunate cost in our bigger battle to save the planet”.

Obviously it’s different when the revolutionary vanguard do it….

37 thoughts on “‘Coz we’re special we are”

  1. Any flights by ‘Progressive’ middle-class wankers will always fall under the ’emergency’ category, comrades, so don’t fret!

    For future reference, here are the flights that will never be categorised as ’emergency’ and which should be banned:

    The following flights will always be permitted

    1. Any flights by rich people who donate to Woke causes
    2. Any flights by actors, unless they have voted Tory in the past
    3. Any flights by migrants coming to Britain

    An example of flights which will never be classified as ’emergencies’:

    1. Working class people going on holiday

  2. Didn’t a judge let a load of activist off recently who broke into an airport to stop a flight returning refused immigrants.
    And yet being rude to an MP is a hate crime

  3. The Soviets had an expression: “comrades of proven worth”. For them, special arrangements were justified 🙁

  4. A 10 hour flight for a birthday party is obviously a valid expense in the bigger battle comrades.

  5. Identify the politician from the quote –

    “We don’t want more people from Sheffield flying away on cheap holidays.”

    No googling.

    Emma Thompson is not from Sheffield.

  6. Wot Rob and MBE said

    Anybody else noticed that undisguised class hatred has become fashionable among #woke middle class wankers since the referendum?

    As a backside-scratching pleb, I’m all for this, btw. If AirPod-toting soy slurpers think they’re hard enough, let’s kick off Ecks-stylee. Men who know how to change a tyre aren’t likely to lose to men with ironically coiffed facial hair.

    We need another Wat Tyler to crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their transwomen. And once we win, we’ll bring back tits on Page 3, Bullseye on telly, and an XR3i in every driveway.

    Oo’s with me?

  7. I think Heathrow and all the major airlines could help them help themselves by guaranteeing that anyone involved in this ‘protest’ can be assured that they will be banned for life from travelling on planes from UK airports so that they don’t accidentally upset Gaiai

  8. Not to mention AOC in the US who flies between NYC and DC, rather than spending the same time on a train, because her constituents want her to be working.

    She’s very important. I certainly worry about how my MP gets to Westminster each week, and fret when there are reports of jams.

  9. @ MarkT
    No. Wrong idea. It’s flying into UK airports they should be barred from. Flying out should be encouraged.

  10. These eco-freaks are either knowingly–or more likely via vast stupidity–on board with global elite scum plans for impoverishment of the masses using greenfreak lying. Macron/Sad Dick Khan etc.

    Thompson is human offal. A rich well-connected bitch who stands with all the evil scum.

  11. It’s a religion with a lot of competition for high priestess slots. Us sinners and heretics will become soylent green.

  12. Emma Thompson is a Cambridge graduate and an Oscar-winning screenwriter, so she can’t be stupid.

    I am forced to conclude that she’s simply a hypocritical snobby cunt.

  13. It was actually a blessing in disguise that Pete and Dud died so young. Derek and Clive would have caused untold suicides among Luvvies had they lived.

    There’s a reason modern “comedians” are required to be humourless.

  14. And one thing I can be assured of. They’d be unlikely to be headed this way. One of the great advantages of the Costa del Sin is it’s relatively free of these sort of people, although we do keep a small hunting preserve up in the Alpujarras. Virtually a sanctuary from them. SW France was crawling with the vermin.

  15. “Dame Emma Thompson joined climate protesters in London on Thursday to declare that she wants to be among those demonstrators arrested by police.”

    The 21st century equivalent of knocking a policeman’s helmet off. True fame at last! “She’s a real progressive revolutionary! Just like Bertie Wooster!”

  16. MC–A naïve POV if I may say so without offence.

    She is well off , from well off and has stood up at the Uni and spewed enough middle class marxshite to get a bit of paper.

    None of that is evidence of intelligence more powerful than the commonplace can-walk-down-the-street type of grey matter.

  17. @MC
    “Emma Thompson is a Cambridge graduate and an Oscar-winning screenwriter, so she can’t be stupid. ”

    Experience would tend to indicate the first proposition to be untrue. In fact one might suspect, in many cases, it’s a requirement.

  18. Is she trying to recover her childhood? She never protested when she was young, and wants to get that on her dance card before she goes?

    To wit, it’s not the cause that motivates her. Any protest will do. Like many Lefties, their causes are fake. All just incremental steps to global socialist government.

  19. @My Burning Ears

    It was Sir Oliver Leftwing/Nitwit. Just part of his unique ability to fuck things up for the tories, despite having a completely unwarranted reputation as an intellectual.

  20. “Emma Thompson is a Cambridge graduate”
    Hmmm. She did English. How hard is that compared to science or engineering? When I was at uni the English students seemed to have a lot more free time than us slogging away in the computer and electronic engineering labs. How many worked eight hours through the night trying to get a subjuctive verb to match up correctly before the submission deadline?

  21. Diane Abbott went to Cambridge.

    David Lammy went to Harvard.

    Seems these universites are pretty good at churning out fuckwits.

  22. I’m with Steve.

    On a similar thing, it is depressing how few “men” can do things like change a tyre or put up a shelf these days.

  23. TQ

    Top marks, gold star.

    As I have a full roster of frailing relatives to keep me busy travelling round the UK, I don’t jet off on holidays abroad. I love using this in environmental discussions with people trying to guilt me out despite making a dozen flights a year themselves. I might do a couple of thousand miles a year in my small petrol car, and they might cycle to work, but I won’t let myself be outguilted…

  24. “Emma Thompson is a Cambridge graduate and an Oscar-winning screenwriter, so she can’t be stupid.”

    I wouldn’t read too much into winning Oscars. All sorts of stuff wins for all sorts of reasons. Make a crap film about Pedo Nazis and you’ll get an Oscar nomination at the least.

  25. ‘student politics at 60? Is she angling to take over from Corbyn?’

    I can see it already, Emma Thompson plays the plucky Labour leader and Hugh Grant the stiff upper lip Conservative leader, to save the country from itself in voting for Brexit they agree to cross party talks, realising how much they have in common and how love conquers all they finally declare their love for each other over PM questions thereby uniting the country and brining it back from the bring of Brexit and rejoining the EU

    Almost writes itself

  26. @My Burning Ears

    If Tony is wrong, it fits Mathew Paris. Although could have been said or Hear, heared by majority of MPs.

    Didn’t Blair moan about tourists in Tuscany?

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