What is it that the new millennial movement insists we should all have? Government planning the economy, government running healthcare: the two very things that we know it cannot in fact do. Simply because, as with even being able to identify children, government just doesn’t, and cannot, have the information necessary to do these tasks — and that’s before we even start to talk about the “Green New Deal,” which appears to be based upon the idea that giving Ocasio-Cortez a $93 trillion checkbook will work out well.

Reality tends to differ with these dreams, and reality is the bit that’s left over after you wake up. Government is necessary; yes, it is. It’s also really bad at doing things, so let us use it where we must and carry that load of everything else ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. Young people aren’t happy but they don’t know why. They’re desperate for change, any change, in the hope that it will make things easier for them. They are vulnerable to any charlatan that promises them a better future.

    See also: Corbyn, Jeremy.

  2. Jonathon,

    Liz Truss repeatedly points out that this is about housing. The rest of the Conservative Party don’t listen to her, though.

    People should be bending towards the Conservatives at 30, not 45.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ve been following Liz Truss ever since she appeared on the Cato Daily Podcast.

    She seems to very good in talking the talk about smaller, less nannying State but I’ve seen no evidence of her walking the the walk.

  4. @Jonathan

    And that graph assumes that the govt (via the census) has a Scooby about how many “non-UK born residents” there really are in the country. But that probably doesn’t affect the rate of increase much.

  5. @ Bloke on M4 April 10, 2019 at 10:43 am

    This is the same Liz Truss who regards the fact we import two thirds of our cheese a ‘disgrace’ – as advertised multiple times on Have I Got News For You.

    Oddly she seemed to be quite keen on opening up new pork markets in China, so you could argue she’s about half right.


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