Funny that

Fuel prices have hit their highest levels for six months, with the cost of petrol set to rise by eight pence per litre in just eight weeks.

The price hike comes as 25 million cars are expected to take to the road for the Easter holidays, with railway services across the UK being heavily disrupted by improvement works.

Motoring groups last night accused fuel retailers of timing their price rises around the bank holiday weekends, and urged the Government to intervene.

Prices go up as demand does. How odd.

8 thoughts on “Funny that”

  1. The trend is always up. Because private cars are to be taken away from little people. Ask Macron and Sad Dick Khan about that plan.

  2. Oh c’mon at least they only recycle this story three times a year (Easter, school hols, Christmas).

    Now, on the business pages, there are 2 stories, 1 of which is recycled every day:
    “Fear for economy as pound collapses by 0.2%” and “British economy strengthens as pound soars by 0.2%”.

  3. On a 50 litre fill up, 8p per litre is £4. Say you fill up every week, it’s around £200 per year extra. The cost of motoring may change by that much when you bump over an unseen pothole and crack a wheel or ruin a tyre, or someone opens their door against yours inconsiderately, or the last time it happened to me when an overtaking motorbike either lost a metal component, or flicked one off the road, and it bounced off the bonnet of my car.

    If one’s finances are that inelastic, then running a car is a precarious business – sad, but a fact.

    I am reminded of the OPEC business of the 1970’s, when I heard repeatedly “If petrol goes up to 50p a gallon, I’ll have to give up the car.” The only ones who did give up their cars, did so by reason of dying, not lack of preparedness to pay.

  4. Anecdote

    Da markets work in Spain too!

    Local supermarket petrol station saves me €11 per tank over the one on the way onto town. And it’s €16 per tank for my wife ‘cos she’s got a bigger one!

  5. Always goes up? I paid 129.9p last June and 114.7p a couple of months ago. A couple of years ago I was shopping around to try and get under 149.9p.

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