How interesting

Gregory Craig, a former White House counsel to Barack Obama, has been charged with lying to US authorities about his work alongside Paul Manafort for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.

So it’s not just Trump’s Republithugs then?

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  1. Oh dear. This guy must know where some of the Obummer bodies are buried. Another case of incipient Arkancide?

  2. I would have thought that Assange would have done better to go to Sweden before the slow-moving wheels of the US got round to asking for him to be extradited, noting that the UK has some sort of a special arrangement with the US, and Sweden doesn’t. Given that relationship, Assange was stupid to come here in the first place.

  3. @m’lud – as in CU Next Tuesday. I’ve just been on Other Tim’s blog and he prefers it less sweary.

    Obviously here I can say, 24 carat cunt Oliver Kamm…

  4. On a somewhat related topic, your chums at Capx have disgraced themselves by publishing a hatchet job on Assange by utter Tuesday Oliver Kamm.

    Oliver Kamm spends half his time disparaging anyone who distributes information but isn’t employed by the mainstream media. I remember when Nightjack got outed and lost his job (thanks to Kamm’s newspaper), and he earnestly told us nobody is owed the right to anonymity – except journalists’ sources of course, because they’re different.

    What he’s really afraid of is the competition, which is why he’s always trying to get RT shut down. And I also notice he puts stuff on CapX which his Times editors would sensibly run a mile from.

  5. Not just Manafort, gates, and Stone, but interesting why it took so long to indict Craig when manafort gave all the information they needed to charge him.

    I personally suspect that Mueller and his team decided it wasn’t relevant and passed the file onto SDNY being confident that that Democrat jurisdiction would have no problems not prosecuting a “blue tick” Democrat.

    Note however that this is an indictment from a different federal prosecutor, not SDNY, so that little set of different rules didn’t work in this case. One Tony Podesta must be a little concerned one would hope, and maybe Fusion GPS’s undeclared (under FARA) work for various Russians might get a little scrutiny as well. One can dream anyway.

  6. @BiS – I remember now:

    Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
    Thursday’s child is a pathetic egomaniac who anonymously slags people off on Amazon if they give his books poor reviews…

  7. Surreptitious Evil

    Statement A: Assange is a hero of free speech
    Statement B: (Assange) is a rebel against state power.
    Statement C: (Assange) is a criminal suspect who absconded on spurious grounds and who has now been arrested, charged and found guilty of breaching his bail.

    Statement D: Assange is a deranged narcissist.

    Please note that all of these statements are entirely independent.

    Personally, I happen to believe that all of them are mostly true – I would certainly replace “hero” with “champion”, though.

  8. A lot of the support for Assange appears to be a kneejerk reaction along the lines of :
    1. I don’t like the US
    2. Assange bashed the US
    3. I like Assange

  9. Most people you might otherwise look up to have greater or lesser bad stuff in the background. Perhaps a lot of them forget that the good stuff, and the lionisation thereby, doesn’t excuse the bad stuff. Perhaps they don’t care, as the lionisers will excuse them anything. As we now see with Assange from people in public rôles who should know better.

  10. Owen Jones is uncharacteristically correct in his piece on Assange in the Guardian today.

    I was quite shocked. Basically says that the rape charge and the leak of the Manning docs are two separate things. He shouldn’t be extradited to US for releasing evidence of war crimes but that doesn’t change the fact he needs to answer to the rape charges.

    Now I need a shower.

  11. I think Perry de Havilland got Assange right: he may not be the libertarian’s cracker of statist skulls, but he is nevertheless cracking statist skulls – he’s unpeeling the panopticon state.

    Whatever else he might be. Preening narcissist, for one. But then, maybe it takes a preening narcissist.

    And after all, he got serviced by Pamela Anderson. Plus, and this is brilliant, she was carrying a copy of the Groan when she entered the embassy ultimately to service him.

  12. There are, it would seem – a number of folk from the upper echelons of the FBI/DOJ/CIA who are “helping with inquiries” with an assortment of investigators / prosecutors – apparently.

    The 9 (was it?) members of Barry’s crew that pled “the 5th” in an assortment of circumstances are if I understand correctly having some of their cases subjected to review.

    Assange – since DJT has yet to Tweet on the matter – I’d wager Messrs. Halpern, Mifsud, Steele and Hannigan are wondering if Wikileaks have anything…. There’s already some tidbits appearing stateside – it might yet undo Mrs. May.

  13. Assange lied when he claimed that wiki leaks was responsible for releasing the climategate emails. He then embarrassed himself when he realised he’d tagged the wrong side as he’s a believer in global warming. See, for example, Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit November 30th 2010. Assange’s a blowhard.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    Statement E: amongst his other faults Assange is a moral coward. If he really believed in what he did he with those leaks he would have have held his head up in court, instead of running and hiding.

  15. BiND–Big talk when you are not facing a Federal Kangaroo court and the rest of your natural in a shitty supermax Hell.

    Assange–whatever his faults– helped Trump handily against Killery. Trump should pardon him for that alone.

    The Swede rape charges are politically decreed cockrot.

    Deep state/Neo-con shite is likewise bogus. Assange didn’t steal the info about American Deep state evil he just published it. As for bollocks about those who are supposed to have died via the revelations–well it is 9 years now–lets have the names and details and fuck the national security crap. Killery allowed tens of thousands of top secret US emails to form the breakfast reading of pretty much any intell agency you can name. But the bitch is untouchable and Assange can rot? Fuck no.

  16. Whenever I think of Wikileaks I think of the BNP supporters leak. The BNP were not powerful, they were not rich, they were nothing special. Now everyone can see their phone numbers and emails and home addresses, fantastic I don’t like the BNP I can now harass someone and push dogshit through their letterbox. Releasing US drone footage of civilians being murdered is one thing, the BNP thing was just spiteful

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