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Huzzah, the planet is saved

But I also accept that such gestures are not enough. I am making other commitments. For example, I am planning to radically reduce my meat consumption.

19 thoughts on “Huzzah, the planet is saved”

  1. He’s drunk the Kool Aid and recycled the can hasn’t he. He’s not flying either, well after the already booked trip to Vienna, well unless it’s something really special. Leaves more room on the plane for me. And I might not have to put with years of disruption on the M25 around Heathrow as I now think the 3rd runway is looking quite unlikely.

  2. So humans don’t require meat in their diets? India, whose Hindi population is noted for their mainly vegetarian diet, has recently overcome the taboo and Indians are eating more meat, principally chicken. Indian cricket, unable through the ages to produce seam bowlers of more than trundling pace, have started to produce 90mph quickies from a Hindu heritage. Just saying.

  3. I recently went to a Hindoo funeral. Loads of their food on offer. Mushy pulp it was, too. Like baby food but without the meat or fish. Ran through me like a locomotive. In short, my, ahem, emissions went north and that right sharpish.

  4. When men go vegetarian, isn’t it usually because they’re trying to get off with some ditzy woman? Has he got his piggy eye on a potential Mrs Murphy III?

  5. I can see his game plan at work here. He’s going to suck up to them as much as possible and then try and find a way to get paid for it. His “professorship” runs out soon, and there is no more money he can squeeze out of that, TRUK has bled dry anyone who was willing to fund him so he’s busy running around looking for new ways to get handsomely paid for doing a bit of blogging.

    The Corporate Accountability Network as far as I know is another symptom of this – under a different identity some of his previous funders might be able to back him again.

  6. I guess he is Enviro friendly, look at how often he has recycled his bullshit to jump onto the next bandwagon he thinks will earn him some money.

  7. Has he got his piggy eye on a potential Mrs Murphy III?

    Is he up to #3? I knew of the last poor woman – his 1% “active” partner in the LLC (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). I didn’t know there was a prior victim.

  8. M’lud,

    An Englishman criticising any other cuisine?*

    For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

    *: except German, of course.

  9. @ Ironman.A meatless diet means you have to consume more for the same food values. Spud’s verbal excretae will increase.

  10. “Has he got his piggy eye on a potential Mrs Murphy III?”

    Never understood how a man so in love with himself needed anyone else.

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