I may have mentioned this before

Back of my mind there was a writer at Rolling Stone. Foreign Affairs Desk before PJ O’Rourke. Maybe several peeps before PJ.

Same gonzo journalism. The writer was I think Oz. Used to have a paperback of the columns, decades back. One piece particularly recall was about Papua New Guinea. Started with a Kennedy(?) or a Rockefeller (more likely) being eaten by headhunters or something.

I occasionally try to find that collection of pieces but am rather limited by not being able to recall the blokes name.

Anyone got any idea?

Update – I wrote to Rolling Stone asking them. The editor’s inbox is full….

Super, well done to Robert.

Okker Chic, Michael Thomas, that’s the one.

7 thoughts on “I may have mentioned this before”

  1. probably not him (because he was a brit) but i came across a paperback of Bruce Chatwin’s travel writing once.and recall it originated from his journalism. It was bloody good.

  2. Michael Rockefeller was eaten by the cannibals. And the story appeared in a book Savage Harvest written by Carl Hoffman.

    Google Keywords for search: – Papua New Guinea – Cannibals – Rockefeller. Time for search: a second or so.

    So Tim: LTGDH..

  3. Same background story, yes. But there’s no way that a bloke born in 1960, publishing in 2014, was something I read circa 1982.

  4. Hoffman was born in 1960. Unlikely to have worked for Rolling Stone before he was say, 15.
    His book’s bibliography might yield a clue as might Paul Toohey’s “Rocky goes West” on the same subject. Toohey is Oz but born ’63.

  5. If you go to Wikipedia.and.look up gonzo journalism, there are a few names, and a load of links that might help.

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