I would suspect there’s more to this

The founder of a Left-wing campaign group has been sacked after he gave illegal drugs to younger staff members, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

David Babbs, who co-founded 38 Degrees, was dismissed from his £75,000 role as executive director after an investigation found that he had supplied cocaine and ketamine at an after-work event.

The matter has been referred to police. The 37-year-old Cambridge graduate also faces a separate investigation over claims that he bullied and swore at staff, it is understood.

Mostly perhaps because I’d like there to be more than this. But it wouldn’t surprise at all to find that there was a certain amount of something going on at the CEO Gonads to junior staff interface.

13 thoughts on “I would suspect there’s more to this”

  1. “a Left-wing campaign group …..

    ….his £75,000 role as executive director”

    A campaign group, presumably, doesn’t actually produce anything of value and relies on donations?

    Left-wing….£75,000 role.

    Says all you need to know about the left.

  2. ’38 degrees’ (body temperature, geddit?) organises Internet petitions in support of modish causes – the 21st century equivalent of shouting at the telly. How many people have they got on 2-3x median earnings, and who pays for them?

  3. Idiot, he should have formed a religious cult rather than a left wing campaign group, the returns are much better in every regard. I’ve often thought about founding the Temple of Branch DocBudians.

  4. “’38 degrees’ (body temperature, geddit?)”

    Bah, body temperature is 98.4. Or, I understand, 98.6 in the USA. Which explains a lot. I don’t know what value is used for normal body temperature in Belize.

  5. 38 degrees refers to the degree of slope at which avalanches occur. It looks at if a whole load is about to be dumped on Mr Babbs. Perhaps we should start a petition on 38 degrees to double his sentence. It seems only fair. It’s what he would have wished….

  6. Odd that the legacy press would actually identify a group as ‘Left-wing.’

    Conventionally, only “far-right” groups are labeled.

  7. Body Temperature is 98.4F = 36.9C (98.6F=37C for Yanks).
    38C is 100.4F – the temperature of a bad fever, so that could be the explanation for the silly name.
    If avalanches automatically occurred at 38 degrees to the horizontal you could not get slopes that are steeper – contrary to observed reality. So while Nautical Nick may very well be correct in tracing the origin of the name, that suggests a slight dissonance between the obnoxious Babbs and science (or even concerns with truth).

  8. Babbs is ex FoE, so him being on the goose juice is hardly a surprise.

    Given that most of the highups come from Body Shop type circles, I am surprised they weren’t too composted-mentis to find him, never mind sack him.

  9. Hmm.

    Is this one of which the constabulary ought to be apprised?

    Supplier of Class A and Class B to impressionable youth, and all that?

  10. “Body Temperature is 98.4F = 36.9C (98.6F=37C for Yanks).”

    Yours used to be 98.6 until the Climate Change Act.

  11. @ Gamecock
    No, it has always been 98.4F – we are further north than the USA.
    FYI I can remember the UK before the Climate Change Act

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