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Interesting point

I am surprised there is not more outrage from the LG community that trannies are persuading children to doubt their gender rather than their sexual orientation.

LJH in comments here.

Yes, entirely obviously, gender and sexual attraction are not the same thing. And yet there does indeed seem to be some blending of the two concepts going on….and it’s not us out here doing that.

7 thoughts on “Interesting point”

  1. If society rejects T because we decide it’s a mental illness rather than a physical affliction, then we might start turning our inquisitive minds to other sexual minorities too. The Ts act as a bulwark, shielding the LGBs from critical attention.

  2. The whole point of gay/lesbian liberation was the acceptance of who people were, not what a largely heterosexual society wanted them to be. Trannies on the other hand wish to force society to participate in their fantasy that they are something they are manifestly not. They erode and trivialise feminity and masculinity into a parlour game of “guess what gender I am ?”with forfeits for those who use the evidence of their eyes, ears and experience over increasingly Stalinist propaganda.
    I can’t remember the source of the quote but someone explained that living under communism, the individual was daily humiliated by having to agree to propositions everyone knew to be untrue .

  3. Tangentially-related.

    I wonder how many youngsters going through an unsure-of-themselves phase who are encouraged to identify as homosexual (e.g. by aggressive activists / social currency in these woke years) decide later in life that they are not?

    They can easily decide from one day to the next to change their minds.

    Now, on the other hand, if there were irreversible hormone treatments and surgery involved…

  4. I wonder how many youngsters who are encouraged to identify as homosexual … decide later in life that they are not?

    1970s singer Tom Robinson is the obvious example. He went from singing Glad To Be Gay to being married with two children. David Bowie similar. In the past though, the vast majority of reported cases were of straight men turning gay: Ron Davies, Michael Portillo, Mark Oaten, Keith Vaz, etc. They’re mostly of the pre-liberation era though; it’s perhaps too soon to tell how many modern kids will change their minds.

  5. I dunno. Can’t see someone changing. I expect they swung both ways for a while then settled down.

    Except for sweaty Vaz. He’s probably only bumming boys because goats would really get him in trouble.

  6. This all has me like a coin in one of those hyperbolic funnels, with Mr Ecks’ views in the centre, getting ever closer, until eventually vanishing into the abyss, where everything’s some kind of Marxist establishment conspiracy.

    Surely it’s a form of body dysmorphia? How the hell is it relevant what your bits are? We’re all unique, and only ever experience things from our own perspective, so where did the idea of extreme body modification solving anything come from? Why even call it gender reassignment or a sex change op or something when it’s not? How have we got to the point where our NHS will do that to a pensioner, or push this stuff to children? What did people do in the past?

    Do I need to check myself in to some re-education camp?

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