Is the answer in the question?

I co-founded the BDS movement. Why was I denied entry to the US?
Omar Barghouti

17 thoughts on “Is the answer in the question?”

  1. Mentions Israel. In a vast sea of Arabs, he attacks the tiny island of Israel. Why isn’t he in Cairo or Riyadh asking for land? Arabs failure to support the Palestinians, and provide a home land, shows who the Palestinians are.

    Palestinian Rights means “Death to Israel.”

    ‘banned me from entering the country, despite having a valid visa, without providing a reason.’

    Boo hoo! Why would we need a reason?

  2. Because he’s in Israel asking for land, duh.

    BDS view is that Muslims should be allowed to immigrate to Israel but Jews not. The vision is that it will be a secular, peaceful, multi-ethnic state in future*.

    *: Sure, for about 5 minutes.

  3. Philip

    Yes, good point well made. Could you though just allow me a little time to enjoy the delicious jenny of a hate-fueled freedom-suppressng anti-semite getting upset at being treated as he chooses to treat others? Just a short minute.

  4. About a decade ago my nephew was denied entry to the UK, and put on a ‘plane back to Hong Kong, despite having a valid work visa and job lined up. No reasons need to be given. His monolingual non-English-speaking employers were left scrambling looking for a replacement bilingual cook/nanny in the rural backwoods of Scotland. My nephew just went back and entered his aeronautical engineering course a year early, and is now flying aeroplanes all over the world.

  5. Steve,

    Israel stopped stamping passports some years ago. They give you a slip of paper on the way in and on the way out. And a yellow sticker on the back of the passport on the way out.

    As long as you, er “lose” those, and didn’t leave via a land crossing to Jordan or Egypt (where they stamp on the way in and, whoops, prove you were in Israel), no problems.

  6. Jonathan

    No he doesn’t know that. Because it wasn’t. Only an anti-semitic bigot would think that. So you’re joking right?

  7. BiG,

    I have no desire to enter an anti-Semitic Arab shithole so it wouldn’t be a problem for me anyway.

  8. The British government will also let you hold two valid passports if you have to go to countries that don’t like each other.

    I have two, not for that reason but because in lovely China they demand expats carry their passports everywhere (I don’t bother.) which makes sending your passport off to get visas problematic.

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