Isn’t there a point where we just rip their heads off?

Donald Tusk recommends EU insists on a year-long Brexit extension as MPs vote to delay until June 30

Like, umm, yesterday?

10 thoughts on “Isn’t there a point where we just rip their heads off?”

  1. This is nice:
    May faces humiliating prospect of long Brexit delay as she prepares to fly to Brussels today to learn if EU leaders will force UK out with no deal on Friday or keep Britain trapped until 2020

    Because of that festering slag it’s ended up being for the EU to decide what happens to us. Cunt.

    Into the ditch they must go

    (lesser known ditty from Spandau Ballet)

  2. Removing the cunt is the problem. For ball-less Tory MP traitor trash.

    Are you there Theo? Rabble UKIP indeed you cheeky bastard–what a fucking deceitful and treasonous shower of shite your gang of scum stand revealed as.

    My idea out declaring ourselves out regardless of what the shite the Treasonish state says looks better and better. It only needs enough people to do it and stop obeying the House of Traitors.

  3. The EU don’t have a choice. It’s about to collapse. The Germans thought they were sitting pretty, ruling Europe and splitting the cost of running the Empire with us. But their house of cards is fluttering in the breeze and if we had left it would have collapsed. As it is, we simply must keep paying, somehow, for ever.

  4. I fear Theo may be hiding under his bed with his fingers in his ears, Mr Ecks.. It seems to be a popular move with some parts of the Tory party. There may even be some Conservative MP’s under there with him.

  5. Way things are going, I suspect the next referendum will be won by Mr Molotov.

    Do the Remainiacs simply not care what they have done to what we laughingly called ‘democracy’?

  6. Time was, we looked down on other countries for not quite getting the idea of ‘democracy’ How the mighty are fallen.

  7. @Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist April 10, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Bill Cash says the same and is launching a legal challenge of extension

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