Isn’t this fun about candidate’s tax returns?

So, they all pile in about Trump not releasing his tax returns. Then Beto O’Rourke, s#rising start, releases his returns for the past decade.

This is really quite glorious, Beto O’Rourke has released his tax returns and the WSJ has thus found out that he underpaid his taxes for two years, 2013 and 2014. Given the emphasis the Democrats are putting on getting Trump to release his tax returns is that the end for this little campaign? I mean, it should be, right?

Yep, it’s a technical and near trivial mistake. And yet, you know….

14 thoughts on “Isn’t this fun about candidate’s tax returns?”

  1. Trump is perpetually under audit. He legally cannot release his tax return beyond what he’s already released. Not that it makes much differences to his enemies.

  2. Perhaps Beto will run a campaign promising to simplify the notoriously complex U.S. tax system? No, I don’t expect it to happen either.

  3. The only one of them worth tuppence is Tulsi Gabbard.

    Mind you, anyone from the lands of May, Merkel, and Micron might feel that they should soft pedal their abuse.

  4. He’s a Democrat, those rules aren’t applied to him (unless he is in the way of Hillary, in which case he’s fucked).

    Cynical tactics dressed up as morals – it’s the Progressive playbook.

  5. “Beto” (lol) has precisely zero chance of getting the nomination, because he’s a heterosexual white male (pretending to be tacosexual doesn’t count) trying to get the support of a party whose only unifying position is that heterosexual white men are bastards who must be replaced by the coalition of the aggrieved.

    See also: Joe Biden, who has been in senior US politics since 1973, suddenly coming under hostile scrutiny from the press.

    Pete Buttplug, who has the handicap of being white and male, but at least has the decency to pound other men in the obama, won’t get because of his silly name, and because black voters will never support a gay pol.

  6. Two observations:

    1) Given the weaponisation of the IRS under Obama, do you not think they’ve been through Trumps tax returns with a fine tooth comb after the birth certificate nonsense?

    2) Trump’s legal and correct tax returns are going to be hideously complicated. What are the chances of numptys from Buzzfeed understanding whether they’re correct or not?

  7. Dennis the Peasant

    Flubber –

    Actually, Trump’s returns will probably be very uncomplicated. Lots of action on the old Schedule C, D and E, but nothing that means anything. If there’s funny business, it will have occurred at the corporate/partnership level.

    I suspect the real reason Trump doesn’t want his returns released is that it would make public the names of the entities and persons he does business with, thus exposing them to potential harassment from progress/liberal/Democratic Party operatives.

  8. The Pedant-General

    This is all nonsense:
    1) If it is possible to determine that he has underpaid tax based on his tax returns, then it is the IRS that is at fault: it’s their job to ensure that you have paid the right amount of tax given your declaration.
    2) It’s not what’s on the tax return that’s the problem: it’s what’s NOT on that return. Tax dodging is about failing to declare sources or amounts of income (or bigging up deductible expenditure, but that’s usually harder to do).

    But he’s a dem so should die by the sword given their propensity for living by it.

  9. I suspect Trump’s returns will show him to be less wealthy than he’s led us to believe, and he’d rather keep that to himself.

    Or he’s delaying in order to flush out his Dem challengers returns, which are bound to be embarrassing for different reasons.

    Or probably both.

  10. Just because trumps returns are under audit dosent mean he can’t release them. It’s a bullshit excuse

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