It must be hard being Julie Bindel

Why Andrea Dworkin is the radical, visionary feminist we need in our terrible times

Imagine desiring a cause to fire up the masses, lead the revolution. Imagine insisting upon being part of the cadre that leads that revolution.

Then imagine that no one’s very interested because you’re preaching revolution against the oppression of the patriarchy to the richest, freest, generation of women that have existed ever.

Must be terribly galling really.

10 thoughts on “It must be hard being Julie Bindel”

  1. Henry – Yarp.

    I quite like Julie (not exactly sure why), but she looks like her name should be Big Pat and she’d win a speedboat on Bullseye.

  2. Dworkin was a rape fashionista claiming to have been victimised twice over. Violently at the start of her adult life by some Dutch leftist she hooked up with and then later,–while morbidly obese and dungaree’ed -drugged by an Italian waiter at some hotel somewhere. After the onset of supposed Rohypnol capers was a supposed new trend. Again evidence, prosecution was there none–not even a bogus accusation.

  3. Ecks – Reminds me of the old joke about the woman who is overpowered by a tall, handsome, muscular baddie in an expensive suit, tied up, bundled into the back of his Rolls Royce and driven to his luxury chateau…

    “W-what are you going to me?” she squeaked

    “You tell me, love. It’s your dream.”

  4. Steve, is your real name Peter Kay?

    Don’t ever leave the blog, I’m still chuckling over the Bullseye remark.

  5. Another apposite current example here being Notre Dame, which the Frog State mismanaged spectacularly culminating in the fire.

    I was there last week fortuitously (and I used to live in Paris) so at least I have last family photos and memories of it as it was.

    Murphy the ambulance chancer of course does not miss the chance to make a blog on it in the vein of his memorable Auschwitz piece

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