I’ve made arrangements with one of the Sudanese governments

Sudan’s fourth leader in three days vows to uproot old regime

Name the prison preparing to go on holiday referenced in the headline. Added points for where it goes.

14 thoughts on “I’ve made arrangements with one of the Sudanese governments”

  1. Dartmoor of course, but beaten to it by Penseivat. From “Tales of Old Dartmoor”. Said by Gritpype Thynne (the honourable Thynne of Twickenham).

    Notable too for “Convict Eccles has fallen into a bucket of wet cement, and looks like becoming a hardened criminal”. And “Stand by to repel boarders” “How do you repel boarders” ” Stop changing the bed linen”.

    Had that as an LP back in the 1960’s, the reverse side the equally good “Dishonored”.

  2. Odd how we’ve heard a blow by blow account over several weeks of the civil unrest in Sudan, 3000 miles away, yet nothing about the civil unrest in France, only 21 miles away.
    It’s almost as if the British are being kept in the dark.

  3. I too used to have that LP.

    And, fun stuff this, Dominic Lawson used the phrase “one of the European Presidents” in a column a couple of weeks back. Which led to me emailing him as to whether that’s what he was referencing. To which the response was, yes, of course.

  4. Nearly, Dartmoor, yes “How wonderful to be travelling down the highway in one of the Queen’s prisons” etc. And, also, at the end. They dig up the cellars to find the buried treasure. “Look, look, it’s the Atlantic Ocean. And there’s more of it coming in! We’re rich, we’re rich!”

    People who do the voices are weird – vide Prince Chuck – but the scripts were an absolute marvel.

    And Dartmoor goes on holiday to the Chateau D’If, in the south of France.

  5. I’ve got two bound books of (some of) the scripts. Used to delight in reading them as a child before I discovered the tapes and records in the local library, The annotations and fx descriptions add a wonderful extra depth to the audio.

    ObWhich, I was just a couple of days ago discussing with a friend the trope of waiting for the president to go on holiday to then storm the palace and take over.

  6. A couple of decades later it percolated through to Blackadder: “I’ve got dispensation from both popes….”

  7. @Jonathan April 14, 2019 at 11:17 am

    Yellow vest protests and antifa riots in France? It’s all lies, EU is peace and harmony.

    2,000 rioting and burning cars in Toulouse yesterday – week 22 – nope, didn’t happen; EU is peace and harmony.


    Bias by omission (of reports, papers, people etc) is the new norm.

    Rolling Thunder (yesterday) : Belfast, Edinburgh, London… – I was at one, very loud & nothing on BBCR4 News

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