My Google Fu has failed me

Spotted a different number plate in the parking lot. Newish car. With a not EU – at least, without the EU bit on it – number plate.

Can’t recall the crest exactly, but the shield in the crest looked like it was held up by storks, perhaps pelicans. More likely storks. And the motto was “ouranouma” or “oranama” or some such.

No detail as to which country it came from. But the plate number was 223 B or some such.

So, it’s got to be from a small place, a short run of numbers.

Note this is in the Algarve. So, small place which is not EU which someone might drive a car from.

Hmm. And I’m running out of ideas. Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco and San Marino are out, they don’t use plates – so far as Mr. Google tells me – like that at all.

I just can’t think of anywhere other than those four in Western Europe which is non-EU and yet which will issue its own plates. Ceuta, Melilla? Basic Spanish plates, no?

A Sovereign military order? Bit of a stretch.

Not Arab speaking as no squiggles, which rules out most of North Africa.

Given that someone here knows most about anything, who has an idea here?

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  1. Moldova, perhaps? It has an eagle & shield on its coat of arms. The numbers would normally be longer, but perhaps it’s an old plate (even on a new car) or a personalised one. Moldova is a poor country, so it’s entirely plausible that up until fairly recently they only had four-character plates.

    As for the slogan, it’s probably the equivalent of “Bristol Street Motors” or “Cargiant” that you see under number plates in the UK.

  2. Number plates in Switzerland start from 1, so it could have been BL 223, BE 223 or BS 223, but no pelicans. And I’m guessing that you’d recognise the Swiss flag 🙂

  3. Guys its definitely st Barts -…

    “officially the Territorial collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy (French: Collectivité territoriale de Saint-Barthélemy), called Ouanalao by the indigenous people, is an overseas collectivity of France[4] in the West Indies. Often abbreviated to St-Barth in French, and St. Barths or St. Barts in English,”

  4. @PJF

    “Smartphone cameras” are clearly nothing more than an expensive status symbol and should be taxed out of existence.

    Spud (on his latest bandwagon) has said so.

  5. You do see occasional vehicles from exotic locales. In addition to Iran and the central Asian republics (which it is physically possible to drive from) you sometimes see US-registered cars in Germany, if fewer now than when we were still formally under military occupation.

    I once even saw a car from Bielefeld.

  6. Liechtenstein very much does use plates – Swiss-style, but white on black with FL as “canton”. Which, of course, they’re not, but for many purposes they might as well be…

  7. But what in buggery is a car from there doing here? People, sure, but car?
    Any superyachts visiting? sometimes bigguns have a car for the crew?

  8. As it’s a French protectorate maybe they transferred the plates to their new vehicle when moving to France?

    Still find it odd here that plates belong to you not car so when selling a car you have to take plates off, can just put them on your new car just have to let insurance people know.

  9. Useless find – the city of Nairobi also has a crest featuring two big birds in similar pose.

    Oddly, the Google doodle today (UK, at least) features cresty flag things. Even odder, it’s to celebrate something useful and interesting instead of the usual world-lesbian-trans-women-wear-a-hijab-day.

    Best-worst number plate I saw on AutoTrader was KD15 FDL
    Didn’t get that one. It being a diesel.

  10. PJF said:
    “the Google doodle today (UK, at least) features cresty flag things. Even odder, it’s to celebrate something useful and interesting”

    Except they’ve got it wrong; it isn’t St George’s Day today – Easter trumps everything else for a week either side, so he’s shifted back to 30th April this year.

    Typical that the only time they celebrate something decent, they cock it up, not having the necessary feel for such things.

  11. Hallowed Be said:
    “But what in buggery is a car from there doing here? People, sure, but car?”

    Dodging the road tax?

  12. I was once surprised to see a U.K. registered Scooby in New Zealand. Then I discovered the WRC was taking place.

  13. There are several UK registered cars near me in New Zealand.They are personal imports and have not yet entered into the NZ system . My car has the same registration number that I had back in the UK for nearly 40 years. In NZ you can have nearly anything as a registration within the limits of length and number of characters. My favourite so far is B0110X.

  14. Andrew C

    Which post was the cretin bemoaning smart phone cameras on? He seems to have been unusually incontinent of late

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