Nicely out in the open then

Rosemary Squires MBE, 90, found fame in the Fifties and Sixties as an international jazz, big band, cabaret and concert singer and recording artist.

She performed with big bands such as Ted Heath, Geraldo and Cyril Stapleton, the Max Harris and Kenny Baker jazz bands, and was a regular on the BBC Light Programme (now Radio 2) on Melody Time and Workers’ Playtime shows.

She starred in her own radio and television series, and appeared with Michael Bentine, Clive Dunn, Arthur Haynes, Ted Ray and Reg Varney. She also worked in America with Danny Kaye and Sammy Davis Jr.

OK, great career and all that. Best financial decision?

Rosemary Squires: ‘My best financial decision? Marrying a man with a police pension’

This feminism, so strong, eh?

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  1. I would imagine it is one of the reasons we don’t hire so many police officers these days. Partly why our local taxes keep rising.

  2. How much of a salary goes towards most people’s pensions? Three per cent for local authority workers? No contributions at all by Members of Parliament? As a Police officer, I was required to pay 11.5 per cent of my salary (now 13.5% thanks to Dim Dave Cameron). This was based on the nature of the job requiring a retirement age of 55 (now 60 thanks, again, to DDC).
    The pension payment was half of salary after 25 years or two thirds after 30 years, but is now half of salary after 35 years (DDC again). Can you imagine the actions of union ruled workers if they were then forbidden to strike or take industrial action against such injustices, as Police officers are?
    The average life expectancy after retirement is 8 years (constant shift work, the imbalance of work/life, and the occasional assault, seems to take it’s toll, but let’s not go there).
    A Police pension is well deserved, and is less a drain on the taxpayer than most other jobs.

  3. Pete in Whanganui

    @Penseivat: local authority pensions (actually a funded scheme, unlike the police, civil service and other public sector pensions) have a contribution rate for members of between 5.5% and 12.5%, depending on salary. The vast majority will likely be paying between 5.5% and 6.5%. The employer contribution is huge – around 20%. Hence whenever you seen the salary of any local authority job you should add 20% to get the real figure. Local authority pensions have also been much fiddled with over the last dozen years. Pension is paid (in full) from state pension age, but can be taken (reduced) at age 65.

  4. Surreptitious Evil

    Since we Reservists became entitled to a pension a few years back (it never really crossed my mind back when I was a Regular, but then I was much younger then), I have been infrequently startled by the generosity of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme.

    Non-contributory (technically – although our overall AFPRB pay rate recommendation is reduced somewhat due to the nature of the scheme) and results in a pension of 1/47th of your earnings. So if I do a weekend’s reserve activity, I’ll count three days (because travel) and have earned, as well as my pay, almost a tenner in pension. Do a typical 60 days per year, and you’ll have a couple of cases of respectable wine each year of retirement 😉

    I can’t imagine any other scheme quite so generous in %age terms (well, except the parliamentary one!)

  5. “constant shift work, the imbalance of work/life, and the occasional assault, seems to take its toll” – and the booze, presumably.

    But it seems unlikely to me that this list can explain a tiny 8 years of survival of people who have been retiring at 55.

    Is that “8” right?

  6. Repeated studies have shown night shift work has a very detrimental effect on life expectancy so that would be one factor

  7. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Jack Warner was already over retirement age when he was shot in The Blue Lamp.

    Look how long he went on !

    (mind you John Thaw was only 61 – must have been all that booze as Regan and Morse )

  8. My USS and NHS pensions, while small, are going to have the best rate of return of any of my current pots.

  9. Wasn’t she involved with Roger Moore before he became The Saint? Surely he would have had a big package in later life

  10. Diogenes

    That was Dorothy Squires.
    He was a knitwear model at the time.
    She kept him until he ran off with an Italian floozie.
    She got very upset, very publicly.
    Rosemary was blameless to the best of my knowledge.

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