Not a bad joke

He would crack jokes about subjects where few could find humour, such as giving credit to al-Qaeda for choosing 7/7 for their attacks on London in 2005 because “it means the Americans can’t f*** up the date”.

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  1. People have no respect.

    Have you noticed how often people set up roadside flower stalls at the scene of fatal road accidents?

  2. Described as ‘a comedians comedian’ usually means not very popular and funny in an odd obscure way that most people don’t find funny

  3. Not a joke…

    The ‘Stop Brexit’ circus must be run out of town”

    Mrs May appears to possess not an iota of self-awareness. Rather than preparing a dignified resignation statement, she has apparently spent the past few days contemplating a Cabinet reshuffle.

    In what parallel universe does she believe rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic is a sensible solution, while the captain who deliberately navigated the ship into an iceberg remains on the bridge?

    She’s already promised to resign, not once but twice. Her authority is shot to pieces. She has been humiliated at home and abroad. Her dismal, defeatist withdrawal ‘deal’ is dead as a dodo.

    Her MPs treat her with undisguised contempt. Her own party activists want her gone, yesterday.

    Which bit of ‘It’s Over’ doesn’t she understand? Yet, according to a headline in the Financial Times: ‘May takes lead in bid to rescue Brexit talks.’

    You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Isn’t that what she is supposed to have been doing for the past three years? Unfortunately, she was never remotely up to the job and subcontracted the task to her fanatically pro-EU civil servants, with utterly predictable results.

    When will she finally get the message?

    Once-loyal Conservative constituency associations have gone on strike and are refusing, while she is still leader, to take part in upcoming local elections, let alone the European elections.

    Frankly, I can’t even begin to get my head around the idea. It’s insane, evidence of abject failure and dereliction of duty on the part not just of the Prime Minister, but the entire political class. Sixty per cent of Conservative Party members say they intend to vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party if the Euro elections go ahead.

    Not only that, but those same members would make Farage second favourite only to Boris Johnson to succeed May as leader and PM…

    Sadly, all too true. Great Britain – a parody country laughed at by all & sundry.

    So bad NI may leave UK and become a Crown Dependency.

  4. Had the fortune to meet Ian Cognito a few times. His material was never going to be safe enough for TV or the thin-skinned but, Bnic, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that means unfunny.

    ” I can’t stand those people who you see hitting their kids in the supermarket. Awful to see. What you should do is hit them before you go out and then if they act up you can just prod the bruises.”

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