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Not quite as amusing as thought

Nowhere was this truer than in the comment of Viscount Ridley. He is supposedly a scientist. He has made much economic comment from a far right perspective. He writes columns for right wing newspapers on that issue., He is, of course, anti-green. And he saw the attempt to pass the Cooper / Letwin Bill in a day as ‘tyranny’.

Faisal Islam called him out. As I well recall, he was also chair of Northern Rock when it crashed (you could not make this up)

Never was there better evidence that some think there should be one rule for them and another for everyone else.

Except Matt Ridley was rather against that nationalisation. However the bill was passed. He’d been arguing that N Rock just needed liquidity support from the BoE. Which, given that the loan book has made a profit since then seems reasonable enough.

He made the case for abolishing the Lords most effectively.

No , that case would have been best made by Labour putting a retired accountant from Wandsworth into the House so that his expenses would be reasonable payment for his advising Labour.

7 thoughts on “Not quite as amusing as thought”

  1. Ridley is an intelligent, widely read, erudite speaker and writer. He always appears honest and open to debate.
    The opposite of the fat Spud.
    And calling him Viscount Ridley when he tends to refer to himself as Matt is typical Ritchie dog-whistle envy. OTOH calling Ritchie the fat fuck from Ely is completely fair.

  2. Given that I know Matt very vaguely I concur. He even knows who I am. But when referring to something in the HoL then I think Viscount Ridley is fair enough. Especially as he did win election to that house, something the fat fucker will never achieve.

  3. He is supposedly a scientist. He has made much economic comment from a far right perspective

    Honestly, someone should sue this fat obnoxious fucker into obscurity. Again.

    I’d like to see his justification for that “far-right” smear. And I mean one that can stand up in court, not the shit he clings on his blog.

  4. Fair enough, but I’m not disposed to be fair to Spudda.
    And just look at the way he uses the bon-mot de jour – Far Right- when his usual term of endearment is Neoliberal.
    It’s like he’s channeling Owen Jones.

  5. “He is supposedly a scientist”

    He is far more a scientist than you are an accountant, matey.

  6. I think that’s a different Spud, BiND. But it’s still a good put-down, of which Andrew Neil is a master.

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