Now this is trans-hate

Armenian MPs call for trans activist to be burned alive after historic speech

Not that the article gives us any examples of Armenian MPs calling for the bonfire. Still, can we agree that this is actually trans-hate. Trasnphobia even? And thus we’ve a benchmark.

Failing to use your desired pronoun might be impolite, might be many things, but it’s not hate by this standard, is it?

Good, a sense of proportion in these things would be helpful.

14 thoughts on “Now this is trans-hate”

  1. This made me smile:

    Vartan Ghukasian, from the opposition BHK party, was quoted by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty as saying “perverts” must be expelled from Armenia. “Send them to Holland,” Ghukasian said.

    Now, Steve don’t know nothing about Armenia, but I reckon I can spot Sorosian fuckery when I see it.

    This article is sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation, with the usual Globohomo suspects in the UN and EU chiming in to tell the locals what to think. “Gosh!”, as the equestrine baroness said. The eye of Sauron may have a scorching case of psoriasis, but it ain’t random.

    I wonder what plans they have for Armenia?

  2. What it is is incitement to murder, which may or may not be illegal in Armenia.

    Not interested in hate speech, though. If someone wants to be hatey, that ought to be a matter for them. The rest of us can then draw our own conclusions about their temperament and character.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Vartan Ghukasian, from the opposition BHK party, [said] “perverts” must be expelled from Armenia. “Send them to Holland”.


    Hayk Hakobyan,was among several LGBTI activists attacked by a mob last year. […]
    Hakobyan has since been forced to leave the country, and is seeking asylum in the Netherlands.

    Helpful travel advisory there!

  4. Who are we to judge? This is JUST AS BAD as not using the random pronoun of the day.

    Joking of course, but given the rhetoric in the West is dialled right up to crazy over utterly trivial things like not wanting to use randomly changing pronouns, how do you describe this man’s statement? You’ve already gone nuclear over trivia, you have no more room to move.

  5. What if you use the Wrong Pronoun about somebody who repeatedly swaps between self-identifying as a man and as a woman? Oscillatoryphobia?

    What do you call someone with an irrational fear of transphobia?

  6. Xe could have gone further as so many shriller xothers in the west have and called it “literal genocide” but as an Armenian knew better. Methinks the A parliament is more concerned by resurgent caliphatism in Turkey than being nice to exhibitionists.

  7. “Still, can we agree that this is actually trans-hate. Trasnphobia even? And thus we’ve a benchmark.”

    Is this intended as a joke? Or a test to see who will notice the illogic?

    Is fifty pounds “more than a fiver”? Well, here’s a thousand pounds. I think we can all agree that a thousand pounds is “more than a fiver”, so we have a benchmark. And since fifty pounds is a *lot* less than a thousand pounds, I’m sure we can all agree that fifty pounds therefore isn’t “more than a fiver” by this standard. Case dismissed.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    NiV – I think you’ve done your very best here and I’m guessing that there must be some Armenian blogs that could benefit from the insights which you have so generously and tirelessly bestowed upon uszzzzzzz

  9. TMB,

    You’re very welcome.

    And I recall the glorious days when it used to be a game here to see what latest outrage of ignorant illogic Richard Murphy had just perpetrated in the interests of his stupid and wicked cause, and for the people here to go over there under a variety of silly pseudonyms and point it out to him. He’d cry “Neoliberal troll! You’re banned!” and the game would start again.

    Is that the sort of thing you’re complaining about?

  10. I identify as someone who is bored of nonsense dressed up as science, though I am ok with politeness. I am retardphobic.

    It oppresses me to be told to believe 16 year old kids with Aspergers and OCD can spot lies and should be treated as accomplished adults, to listen politicians and to obey laws I don’t like. My preferred gender pronoun is “your worship”

    My lived experience is more important than facts.

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