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Of course, could be she’s just mindgarglingly wrong

The reaction underlines something that’s a real problem in the UK media and political establishments: they’re dominated by the voices of mediocre, reactionary men. They’re not clutching their pearls because she says something they disagree with; they’re doing it because she has the temerity to say anything at all.

32 thoughts on “Of course, could be she’s just mindgarglingly wrong”


    ‘funded at least in part by the climate change-denying Koch brothers’

    The brothers are creeps. I’ve been waiting 15 years for my check from them. Only Big Oil is further behind in their payments to me.

    ‘The reaction underlines something that’s a real problem in the UK media and political establishments: they’re dominated by the voices of mediocre, reactionary men.’ [She’ll do the mocking around here.]

  2. None of the criticisms of her performance that I have read, whether by saint brendan, toby young or ross clark to name but three have been in any way ad homs. They have focussed exclusively on the weapons grade bull shit she talks and the appalling cynicism of her handlers.

    So yes, a complete crock of shite from big mouth.

    Colour me surprised. Not.

  3. FFS. Does this shitty writer not remember the visceral loathing of David Hogg, another Children of the Corn globalist stooge?

  4. Probably time to look at the history of the Children’s Crusade when Stephen of Cloyes(age12) and Nicholas of Cologne led tens of thousands of children to death and enslavement. They merely hoped to rescue the Holy Sepulchre but never made it out of continental Europe except as captives. What fate these naïfs who would rescue the whole planet?
    They are a symptom of the decline of natural authority, the abdication of adult responsibility, the milieu that leads to the Red Guard, Hitler Youth, Antifa, David Hogg…

  5. The UK is (and has been) reducing CO2 emissions faster than Sweden largely thanks to the reduction in coal use by successive Conservative governments. The apparent superiority of Sweden in the “climate virtue” stakes is more than wholly due to their greater hydroelectricity capacity thanks to the mountain range they share with Norway (which, incidentally generates more than twice as much hydro as Sweden).
    Britain has four times as many airports as Sweden with more than six times the population. One more runway will *not* make the UK as airport-intensive as Sweden.
    I don’t have any pearls to clutch, just an ability to do simple arithmetic.

  6. “they’re doing it because she has the temerity to say anything at all.”
    Which William Hague conference speech do you prefer Carrie, the 16 year old , the 39 year old or the 50 year old? Or do you disagree with all of them?

  7. It’s interesting, what constitutes a legitimate demand in Clownworld, no?

    17.4 million people peacefully vote to leave the EU = you didn’t know what you were voting for, leaving the EU is impossible, why don’t you just die lol

    A handful of manky hippies agree with an autistic Village of the Damned extra that we should BAN THIS SICK TECHNOLOGICAL CIVILISATION NOW!!1 = quick! Better do what they say!!!

  8. that’s a real problem in the UK media and political establishments: they’re dominated by the voices of mediocre, reactionary men.

    Lol. Just fucking look at the media and politics these days, and then revisit that statement.

  9. I was wondering if the Left could be any more fucking cynical than they have been with this girl, but then realised they could have selected someone in a wheelchair, so they missed a trick there.

  10. they could have selected someone in a wheelchair

    They’ll probably and wait to see how awkward Swedish girl pans out. If she keeps going well, expect to see a paraplegic Somalian nine year old agitating for state ownership of the means of production and a pogrom against the kulaks.

  11. MC – remember that Syrian girl Twitter account the MSM was falling over itself to promote?

    “I am 8 years old and like ponies and sparkles. Vladimir Putin is #literallyhitler plz support Senator John McCain’s plan to peacefully bomb my country <3"

  12. Dennis the Peasant

    Ms. Marshall seems to be unaware of this singular fact: Adults – real adults – do not allow 16 year olds to do their thinking for them.

    I ignore Greta Thunberg not because she is a female, but because she is a child.

  13. People ask me “hasn’t Extinction Rebellion changed your mind about the need for climate change action?”

    My response “Why should the views of ignorant people change my view?”

    What is wrong with these people? In order for me to change my mind, I’d like some evidence and some hypothesis testing, not the rantings of stupid people.

  14. I ignore Greta Thunberg not because she is a female, but because she is a child.

    I ignore her because if she was a boy spouting right wings views it would be “somebody shut that spaz kid the fvck up!”

  15. “that’s a real problem in the UK media and political establishments: they’re dominated by the voices of mediocre, reactionary men.”

    Men – hardly dominating; female PM, men possibly a minority in the media now?

    Reactionary – almost none; who is she thinking of? Mogg’s brief moment in the limelight seems to have passed; Delingpole is hardly dominating the media.

    Mediocre – yes, indeed, I’m with her on that.

  16. This girl is so far along the spectrum she’s come back up her own backside, much like the owner of the model trains pootling round the rails in a dedicated room of the end terrace in Ely.

    She could equally have developed an obsession with collecting millions of wasps in jars.

  17. Do, please, read with a straight face. From the website Tim links to, where Carrie Marshall revels she is a ‘songwriter’


    Feb 16th

    “We’ve been working with The Electroluvs’ Billy Samson”

    April 16th

    “our friend and musical collaborator Billy Samson has died”

    April 20th

    “We’ll be taking part in A Night For Billy, a tribute to our friend Billy Samson, on Saturday 27 April 2019. It’s at the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow’s Renfield Lane….We’re very sorry, but the Old Hairdressers’ upstairs venue isn’t an accessible venue for wheelchair users.”

    Heartless bastards. No wheelchair access

  18. Spergy kid – with characteristic tunnel vision, obsessiveness and high anxiety – focusses relentlessly on exaggerated threat and assumes forecasts are facts…

    Perhaps she should ‘research’ antibiotic resistance, meteorite impacts, nuclear war and global pandemics in order to get a sense of perspective.

    Children (particularly Greta) should be seen but not heard.

  19. Such a shame that Nigel and UKIP will cancel each other out

    Dunno about that, I reckon they appeal to different demographics (albeit with some overlaps). Lot of people who would never vote Ukip will vote TBP. Ukip will hoover up more disaffected Labour voters, TBP will draw off disgruntled Tories.

    Also, nothing against Gerard Batten or whatever, but a populist insurgency party needs a bit of star power. Nige has that in spades, whereas the man on the Clapham omnibus probably couldn’t name a single Kipper. Yes, it’s horribly shallow, but it still matters that Mr Batten comes across like Mr Bronson from Grange Hill.

  20. FFS we said exactly the same kinds of things when they wheeled out that wanky turd David Hogg to lecture us about gun control.

  21. Ever since the referendum and Farage’s resignation as leader, the rabble that is UKIP has been trying to find a focus other than Brexit. So, rather than concentrate on consolidating the referendum victory and keeping up the pressure on the government, Batty has recruited politically toxic people like Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin to pursue an anti-islamic agenda. There’s nothing wrong with being anti-islamic, but it is remarkably naive to open up another front when victory has not been achieved on the first.

    UKIP will end up getting less than 5% of votes, while Farage will do far better – garnering votes from across the political and social spectrum.

  22. “Douglas Carswell, a political lightweight”… says ‘writer, journalist, broadcaster, songwriter and parent’ Carrie Marshall.

  23. “they’re about who she is: a young, articulate woman.”

    Great Carrie.

    So next week this young, articulate woman said she wants to fuck her teacher and he says he wants to fuck her as well; you cool with that, broadcaster and parent Carrie Marshall?

  24. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    Even that Shamima Begum kid had the cojones to go live in a medieval hellhole herself rather than just tell all of us mediocre reactionaries that we should all revert to living in a medieval hellhole.

  25. “Douglas Carswell, a political lightweight”

    Ha, yeah made me laugh too. I don’t know much about Carswell, but voluntarily standing for a by-election after defecting to UKIP and then winning was one of the more impressive and brave political moves I’ve seen. Whatever he is, it’s not a lightweight.

  26. Nongqawuse was a 15 year old Xhosa girl who convinced her tribe to kill their cattle and destroy their crops and the ancestors would sweep the British into the sea. I see certain parallels here, especially as her actions caused the death of 3/4 (75 000) of the population.

  27. Will Farage have your vote Theo? Or will that shower of shite BlueLabour still get that?

    As for TR and CB –by what fuckwit BluLabour SJW standard dare you declare either of them “toxic”? Coming from you who have expressed forced repatriation to be your personal wish? The hypocrite standard? As a good Tory you will know all about that one. I’m tired of hearing your “rabble” crap coming from a pack of supine paymasters of a crop of traitors that put Burgess, Philby and co to shame.

    Dial 1922 and piss up yer true blue stooges leg Theo. Come back when your “rabble” have put Treason May out on her arse.

  28. PS Theo–Farage didn’t “open up another front naively” believing Brexit was a done deal–he buggered off totally and left everything in a mess which Batten is sorting out.

    No disrespect to Farage and the great good work he has done. I will be voting for Brexit Party in the Eurotrash vote. But they aren’t set up for the UK locals –so please everybody who wants Brexit send a message by voting UKIP.

    That includes you Theo. In no way can you claim that a vote for Torytrash is anything but a surrender. So again let’s hear it–will you vote for UKIP in the UK locals rather than vote for brazen Tory traitors? Or are you not only as bad but worse than any “My Dad voted Labour” type? Worse in that millions of them will support Brexit over Corbyn’s gang–As Jizz is to discover.

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