Slightly puzzling idea

Companies should entertain their clients at women’s sports matches as often as they do at men’s to boost crowd numbers, Clare Balding has said.

The BAFTA-winning broadcaster also called for club owners to take more risks by putting on games in large venues and “promoting the hell out of it” or offering school children discounted tickets to fill the seats.

Speaking to The Telegraph as her new Channel 4 women’s sport show launches, Balding said she does not care if it gets a poor reception from viewers.

All of that seems to be an agreement that women’s sport just doesn’t attract the same crowds as men’s. That, left unforced, people just aren’t as interested in it.

And that can’t be true, can it? Not in this modern day.

6 thoughts on “Slightly puzzling idea”

  1. The guy who puts on indoor, night, beach volleyball matches is going too make a packet. If I wasn’t so tied up with other matters…

  2. Woman without any obvious talent who makes a hefty paypacket from being on telly doesn’t care how many people watch? She’s either as thick as two short planks or lying through her teeth.

  3. BiS,

    Not MEN’s beach volleyball, shurely? I certainly wouldn’t want to mix with the likely audience.

    The problem is the space. You get a very similar effect from a single shiny pole an a bit of writhe space. Again, male performers don’t attract large crowds.

  4. Hmm, female athletes – didn’t ITV’s Gladiator have a lot of them and high viewer numbers?

    Oh, forgot, doesn’t count as they weren’t tattooed, ugly lesbians.

    Gladiators (UK) ITV promo

    Gladiators (UK) Series 1 Episode 1

    Claire Bawling – please go away now; you destroyed BBC Boat Race, Olympics, Wimbledon coverage and everything else BBC/C4 (aka extorted taxpayers) pay you to ruin.

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