So, that food poverty then

Buy a few basics, and each of these recipes – for Singapore noodles, tagliatelle, paella and a vibrant arrabbiata – should come in under a pound a head

As The Guardian tells us, it’s hardly a thing, is it?

6 thoughts on “So, that food poverty then”

  1. As any fule kno, “food poverty” is merely a compact and easily used alternative to “blew all the Food money on booze, fags, drugs & lottery tickets so now I’m in Poverty”.

  2. The writer of a student Uni mag article tried to live on £1 a day, and gave up because he wanted genuine Parmesan on his pasta. I tried to price a £1-a-day on food and found it was well night impossible. But £2 a day was ample, especially if you stuck by several rules:

    (1) Live in a group, so that you could take advantage of bulk buying and preparation
    (2) Exercise strict portion control
    (3) Use cheap flavour enhancers
    (4) Avoid expensive ingredients.
    (5) Don’t buy takeaways or snacks and don’t eat out.
    (6) Take your lunch to work

    Number (6) assumes that you have a job. If not, you have the time to go looking for the cheapest deals.

  3. “The expensive part of any recipe is the protein.”

    Rabbits. Rabbits are so high in protein and low in fat that you mustn’t try and live off them, but I imagine they’d go nicely in some of those recipes. Plus you get the fur free.

    I had a school friend whose cat would bring them home a rabbit practically every day.

  4. Did it find problems in finding a girlfriend amongst the local female population?
    Have you actually tried keeping rabbits, dearieme? You’d find breeding them in sufficient quantities to provide a constant food source in a third floor flat quite a daunting proposition. They breed easily enough but they do need extensive hutches & pong a bit. Then there’s feeding the rabbits. You could say goodbye to your quid a day on rabbit scoff alone. Rabbits need a lot of it to produce rabbit.

  5. Just been reading through those recipes. Can’t imagine a human could actually survive on the quantities but..
    Yes. Possibly a quid a meal. But also a tenner a meal. Unless you were content to live on the same recipe for a week or so. It’s the ingredients. A handful of spinach. But you can’t buy a handful of spinach. It comes in bunches for a quid or more. And doesn’t keep that well. Olive oil. What’s that in the UK? About £3 a small bottle. Fuck knows what passata is but I’ll bet you can’t buy 200 g of it. The rest of it. There’s about a £75 shopping expedition to get that lot. For half a dozen £1 meals

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