So which is the April Fool?

This seems an obvious contender:

British April Fool’s jokes have been banned this year under an archaic parliamentary order, amid warnings the public can no longer tell the difference between reality and farce.

The statute from 1653 states that the issuing of false reports is strictly prohibited and punishable by the splitting of an offender’s ribs.

Officials in the Cabinet Office have taken the unusual step of asking media outlets to refrain from publishing the traditional stories on April 1 in case they trigger panic buying or spark riots.

The original statute was imposed by Oliver Cromwell when he became convinced that the public’s mocking of his warts was undermining attempts to crush royalists after the civil war.

The Daily Mash would have written that up rather better I fear.

11 thoughts on “So which is the April Fool?”

  1. “Ali Ploorf, a spokesman for…..”
    That has to be a joke in itself. If the name is real, and apologies if it is, only a government department would make someone with that name, a spokesman, especially for really, really, serious topics.

  2. Yes, I know the name is an anagram of April Fool. I was going to wait until someone else enlightened me, but thought on to your following entry. Perhaps I should have kept quiet and have people think I was a fool, rather than ……..

  3. Splitting of ribs sounds particularly gruesome, doesn’t it? Suitable punishment for Remainer MPs in Leave voting constituencies? Or too lenient?

  4. I sent an email this morning informing the young engineers of my resignation. A couple have come back congratulating me on my April’s Fool joke.

  5. @bloke in spain April 1, 2019 at 11:27 am

    Too lenient. Removal of all ribs on Soubry, Rudd, Grieve etc then a sliding scale to JRM, Raab, Davis etc who can keep one.

  6. There was a rush for tickets when our village magazine announced a World Cup warm-up match between Afghanistan and the West Indies on our village cricket pitch next month.

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