Something I don’t know but would like to

So, it takes a couple of years to run for major office in the US. Maybe not House, but Senate and Presidency, obviously so.

You’re not going to hold down a paying, wage slave, job while doing so. Not unless you’re already in the political system at some level.

So, can your own campaign funds pay you?

If not, how does someone running pay the mortgage etc? Because not everyone who does run is independently wealthy….

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  1. Magic money tree. The same one that makes all senators millionaires after a term or two. Without exception, see Bernie.

  2. Presumably they either have to have lots of personal wealth to pay for their own personal living expenses, or they have to have wealthy backers who will pay them handsomely to come and give highly paid speeches to company meetings and to trade conferences, in effect giving them a free salary.

    Thus of course ensuring that candidates are in the pocket of business and vested interests from day one.

  3. In the UK you get a union non-job, or a chamber of commerce non-job, or a polytechnic non-job…. just going off the top of my head with no local candidates in mind. (cough!) 🙂

  4. Speak of the Devil, that’s exactly what Andrew Neil has just said on the wireless picture box…. 😀

  5. @jgh or, (still in the UK) a political back-boy non-job. Which i suspect is the majority of ’em!

  6. I don’t know the precise answer, but some of them seem to have soft backing from existing employers.

    For example, Elizabeth Warren ran for Senate at age 62, so the mortgage is long since paid off. She was teaching at Harvard, as well as sitting on various committees from time to time. The committee work probably pays enough to cover living costs, and no doubt Harvard are happy to allow her some time to aim for higher office. In short, it’s important to have multiple revenue streams.

  7. Republicans are typically businesspeople, who foray into politics, so they keep their businesses running.
    Democrats tend to be in state-level politics, and then graduate to federal. Prior to that, they are underlings in DNC, or some NGO out of college. There’s are entire ecosystem, all with the same end goal.

  8. Andrew M:

    Of course, her Harvard hiring was likely due to Cherokee ancestry claimed in her application.

  9. There’s an old fantasy book about my house somewhere by De Camp, about a kingdom which kills its king every 5 years. They select the new king by throwing the old one’s head into a crowd. Whoever catches the head is king. For 5 years.

    Surely this idea has some excellent points, applicable to elected officials, at least on the grounds that most people seeking office are assholes.

    Surely it ought apply to senior civil servants as well.

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