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FLIPPING GREAT Female dolphins may have better sex than women thanks to their well-placed clitorises
Scientists also found that randy dolphins have sex all year round – even during times when they cannot concieve

FEMALE dolphins have clitorises just like human women – only theirs are bigger and better placed suggesting they have better sex sessions.

A group of diligent scientists discovered that lady bottlenose dolphins have large and well-developed sex organs meaning they could achieve orgasms.

Dolphins are also one of those species where we know rape occurs. Hmm…..

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  1. …one of those species where we know rape occurs

    Anthropomorphicaphobic anthropologists might frown at your reasoning.

  2. The birds are only dying from hitting skyscrapers because they’re trying to dodge the offshore windmills.

  3. “Scientists have long known that birds are attracted to light…”

    I wonder if these scientists have been mistaking moths for birds? You woulldn’t necessarily expect them to be able to count the legs. Being university grads ‘n that. Moths are definitely attracted to light. So are mosquitoes, the bastards. Rabbits are not so much attracted as paralysed But birds? You’d think you’d notice. Looking out the window at night & seeing birds clustered around, peering in. Fluttering in circles around streetlamps. You ever seen any being attracted to light? Breadcrumbs yes. But light? Maybe scientists have their own facts, these days

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Its quite sad really – there’s a lone dolphin in Portland Harbour which keeps following and getting quite playful with ribs and dinghies of a similar size. The joke is that its randy, perhaps it really is.

    One of the team reckoned it came quite close to jumping in their rib recently.

    First time I came across it I was single handing and just enjoying the world after entering the harbour when it sneaked up behind me and blew quite loudly. Frightened the living daily out of me. After that it followed me/crossed my boys across the harbour so I headed to where there was a load of kids learning to sail so they could see it. Fair made their day.

  5. @bloke in spain April 7, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    “Scientists have long known that birds are attracted to light…”

    Formerly redundant Climate change Scientists?

    Nope, no birds or bats around here pretending to be moths.

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