The Telegraph might need a new Senior US Technology Correspondent

This is, well, umm:

The British founder of Bebo has emerged as one of the winners from Pinterest’s $10bn (£7.7bn) flotation after backing the photo sharing app eight years ago.

Michael Birch, who sold the now-defunct social network for $850m in 2008, first invested in Pinterest in 2011 when the company was worth just $52m.

The San Francisco photo-sharing app’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday valued it at more than $10bn, and its value rose to almost $13bn after shares rose by 25pc in early trading.

Pinterest as a photo sharing app? Well, no, not really. The usual American phrase for it is “scrapbooking”. And, well, sure, piccies do get shared but that’s not a useful description of what is being done there.

Seriously, buck up Telegraph.

6 thoughts on “The Telegraph might need a new Senior US Technology Correspondent”

  1. There’s a point of actual interest here. Scrapbooking has long been popular in the US. Basically it’s the same as a commonplace book. And it has long tended heavily female. As the user base of Pinterest does. So far so obvious.

    The engineer base of Pinterest is as white and male as every other such. So the argument that we need more women in tech to cater to female tech users rather fails….

  2. I used to look at Pintrest as I am an abandoned building junkie, but I made the mistake of clicking on a kitten story once and Pintrest added “animals” to my profile and started sending me pictures of abused animals. So I left.

  3. An image search is quite likely to bring back images on Pintrest Given that that image very likely exists somewhere else on the internet i wonder if they’re vulnerable to a Google pageranking change or whether that traffic is incidental to their business.

  4. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I guess it’s because I am not interested in what other people are looking at.

    I was so unimpressed by it, I never even bothered searching for scantily clad East European women

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