Umm, maybe they don’t believe the warnings?

Gardeners are continuing to use the country’s endangered peat supplies instead of alternative bedding, despite repeated warnings by environmentalists.

Or even, don’t care?

5 thoughts on “Umm, maybe they don’t believe the warnings?”

  1. Considering the Norfolk Broads, which environmentalists orgasm over, are flooded peat workings, so what? They’re just creating environments to give future environmentalists damp gussets.

  2. Me, I don’t care, in fact the more environmentally ‘good’ labels a product has the less I am inclined to buy it.

    PS stock up with metaldehyde slug killer now, it will be banned in June.

  3. “The Government is committed to phasing out peat use for gardeners.”

    Then it’s time to phase out the Government.

  4. Considering peat is still used as fuel in Ireland (N & S), it’s hardly “endangered”, smells nice on an open fire.

    Also, green-loons don’t hesitate to destroy peat land to plant bird/bat munching windmills.

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